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Eat Right 4 your type (?)

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Have you read this?


Anyone follow it?


My mom passed it along to me and said it's helping lots of her health issues. The section on my blood type nailed several health issues I've had/am having. Just wondering if any of you have had similiar success, I'm a bit of a skeptic by nature. :001_smile:

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I have not followed the diet yet, but it is under heavy consideration!


what got my attention is how author pegged my parents by their blood types. My Mom is perfect model for Type A and my Dad fit the Type O.... good & bad descriptions. That was too close to ignore!


Maybe others have done it and have great success stories for you.

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I have read it, and even though I am a bit of a skeptic on books like this, it does seem to hit the nail on the head for everyone I know. My whole family are 'O's and the good and bad foods are so very true for us. And a friend of mine who is an 'A' unknowingly has worked out a diet for herself that is very close to what is given in the book. So, we try to follow it (not incredibly strictly or anything, but just generally) because we know that we just feel better eating these foods. It is interesting...you should definitely try it out and see if you start to feel better!

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I hate to be negative, but since you asked, I'm going to be honest with you. I tried this diet for about six or eight months several years ago, and it was the single worst diet I've ever done in my life -- worse than the standard American junk food diet. Part of that is my own body -- I am VERY sensitive to soy products, and as a type A, I was eating a lot of them. The soy gave me all kinds of hormone problems as well as heart palpitations (I ended up seeing a cardiologist afraid that something was wrong with my heart -- it was just the soy, and the problem cleared up as soon as I stopped eating it).


Now, that said, I think the type O diet is very good. That's basically (more or less) the way that I eat now, and I feel fantastic! Kinda blows his theory out of the water, in my opinion, since I am type A. I noticed on message boards back then that there were a LOT of type O's who were thrilled with the diet, while the type A's were really struggling. I think that's because his type O diet is simply a good diet for any member of the human species. Period. But no one should eat the amount of soy he recommends for Type A -- soy is filled with xenoestrogens and compounds that block your body's absorption of minerals (this is why I was having heart problems).


So if you're a type O I would say go for it. But if you're a type A I would urge you to consider something else. Type B I have absolutely no idea.


Here's what I am following now:





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I am type B and my DH and Mom are O's. I like the B recommendation for dairy because I love the stuff. I had saliva and GI hormone and allergy testing done recenty and the result were almost right on track with his recommendation for Type B. It showed alot of problems he said I would have when not on the eating plan for my type. I'd like to get the children typed to see which of them have mine and which DH's. I wonder if their natural aversions to certain foods would be consistant with their types? I have some who love dairy like me and some who won't even eat ice cream!


Anyone else have experience with this eating plan?

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