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NROTC program- questions and advice

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Ok...I need some insight/advice.


My son has applied for a NROTC scholarship, his ACT score is a 27 (sub scores English 29, Reading 29, Science 25, Math 26). He scored a 255 on his PFT. He is retaking his PFT and ACT to try and up his scores. Are these scores competitive? He had his interview yesterday did receive a recommendation from the interviewer at NROTC. My husband was told there are 600 NROTC scholarships available for the whole United States. So with all that said, how weighted is this recommendation as to obtaining the scholarship? I know that my son's file will be submitted to the NROTC review board, but is this just preliminary procedure? Any advice out there from anyone who had experience in this field is welcomed. Sincerely----Lisa


Also, does anyone know of any colleges with the NROTC program that offer free housing scholarships for NROTC students?


please contact me at : buettnerpl@windstream.net Thanks....Lisa

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