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HELP needed ASAP re: Omnibus III (X-post w/ HS board)

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We are starting Autobiog. of Ben Franklin today & have a different edition of the book. Omni III says there's a Part I and a Part II but our book doesn't have 2 parts, just 191 pgs. 1/2 of that is way more than they usually read for 1 session, so I'm wondering if they're reading just part of it, or what?!




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We didn't get to Benjamin Franklin, but I have the book. It looks like Part 1 is the autobiography and Part 2 is letters and other writings. If so, that is a lot of reading. The Omnibus Text is written by several authors, and some of them must be speed readers! My book has part 1 as 181 pages, and you have 2 days to read that. If we do it, we will definitely take longer, probably 4-5 days.

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