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Parents of Older Adopted International Children?

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Can someone please direct me to an active board/forum for foreign adoptive families that homeschool older children?


I hs'd my 3 older children. We have now adopted a sib group of 4 from the Philippines almost a year ago, ages 4-9. I would just like to hear from others of their experience of hs'g foreign adopted older children?


For instance, teaching phonics/reading/writing, and how do you teach/evaluate science and social studies when they can't write, and their verbal vocab skills are minimal? We use a lot of read alouds and hands-on things.


We are taking things very slowly, using almost a CM type method of allowing the kids to "show" us what they learn by acting/drama via stuffed toys, modeling clay, painting and simply coaxing a one word answer by example and hints.


So how long does it take for them to be able to be up to speed w/ reading and writing so they can accomplish the other subjects? I have heard to expect 5-7 yrs or double their age from adoption.


We are using SWR at this point and I am comfortable with the method and am seeing results in very slow increments as far as teaching phonograms and sounds and cursive writing in accordance with the symbols shown. Also we use MUS. These are in addition to the game-type activities we do.


Any other "stories" would be appreciated as I know one of the children has academic delays, possibly CAPD, slight sensory issues, no short term memory, retrieval issues, naming issues. I don't even know what the proper terms are for these tendencies I am observing but am deducing from observation.


Not ready to have him tested just yet b/c of the one on one method of hs'g and variety of teaching avenues I use I am hoping will help him along for now. He just seems delayed, takes longer to learn and remember, but he does remember....eventually after a lot of repetition. I just try to make it very enjoyable experience for all of them.


Thanks for any and all responses. I would love to hear from foreign adoptive families who homeschool.


Lisa in DE

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