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Cothran Traditional Logic II exercise questions

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I posted this question on the Memoria Press board; as of now 477 people have looked at my question and nobody replied. Any guidance would be appreciated.


Logic II, Chapt. 11, Exercise 10 and 12 Exercise 10


Answer key for second sorites "Regarding trade and human rights:"


The second proposition in the key, "No country that imprisons its people for political reasons is a country that has respect for human rights", is a negative which should not be the case for either an Aristotelian or Goclenian sorite.


The last two propositions do not seem to follow the "All A is B, therefore no A is E" structure. China, if it's the "A", should be the subject of the last two propositions. See below from key:


"China is a country that imprisons people for political reasons"

"Therefore, we should not give special trade privileges to China."


I do see that one could convert the last proposition or the second proposition because they are E statements to try to structure it as Goclenian, but I'm getting tangled up.


Exercise 12


"Regarding public schools". The answer key says it is a pure conditional sorites that denies the consequent. I do not find a "not" statement denying something.

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