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  1. Thank you all so much for the suggestions. I think we are going to take a nice break from LA for a bit. It will give me plenty of time to research all my options and figure out where to go from here. With CLE I was sitting with him and doing the lessons with him. It always ended with both of us in tears. I think it may have been the constant review that bothered him the most. I have not heard of Voyages in English. I will look into that as well. If I forgot to respond to some I'm sorry. Its been a hectic day here today. I am also looking into ELTL. So many options! He likes the idea of a break. As long as we don't stop math and Latin, his request!
  2. Thank you both for the suggestions. I will look into all of them today. His reading is pretty good. We just started reading the Harry Potter series together and he is doing well with those. I am trying not to stress about him not being able to tell the difference between a subject and predicate bit its also simple things. He struggles to remember what a noun is, can't remember what a verb is etc. We have been schooling year round. Should I take a break from LA before I start something new with him?
  3. Hello all. I could use some help with language arts curriculum for my 9 year old. He is pretty muchh ahead in all other subjects but LA seems to be a real struggle. No matter what curriculum we try he just does not seem to get it and nothing is being retained. The retention may be my fault for switching around. We have tried CLE. That always ended in tears. There was too much on the page and he said it jumped around too much for him. He always cried with that one because he thought it was too hard and he did not understand. We have tried Rod and Staff. I found it too dry but son also did not seem to grasp it and he just stopped trying. We tried BJU English and same as the other two. Currently we are working with Growing with Grammar and Winning with Writing. I do not like those either. He is able to figure out a pattern for the answers. I don't believe he is learning anything. Today was a review of sentences and he could not tell the difference between a subject and predicate. What else is there for me to try? I do not mind something teacher intensive. I am desperate to find something that works for him. I can not keep doing what were doing everyday and ended our school days with tears. He has been tested for learning disabilities and there are none. He just can not grasp LA for some reason :(
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