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  1. I need help trying to decide if these DVDs are worth it. Are they just a re-reading of the textbook material? Do they significantly add to the course? Do they enhance understanding? How much time do they take (average) per chapter? Reading the textbook and following Apologia's suggested schedule (including the coloring book, notebook, labs, etc.) already takes a long time. If you use the DVDs, how do you manage this course schedule-wise? Do you have any other suggestions regarding visual media that would really be time well spent in Anatomy and Physiology? Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)
  2. Would anybody please tell me if these DVDs actually include a note-taking document (outlining the lectures/modules) per book chapter? From the online descriptions I gather that it does have math problems in each module's document. But I am also interested to know if this product contains note-taking outlines for each module. A description of what the "Module Notes" contain would be very helpful. I cannot find a sample anywhere online, therefore would appreciate your valuable input on this. Thanks in advance!
  3. Seeking wisdom from people that have used this curriculum. Thanks!:001_smile: Chena from Georgia
  4. Seeking wisdom from people that have used this curriculum. Thanks!:001_smile: Chena from Georgia
  5. Hello, This is my first post in this forum. I have done an extensive research on both of this curriculums, but I need some help. My dd is doing ChalkDust Geometry and although she is doing well, it is taking forever and needs a lot of my coaching (We are finishing Chapter 3...) I would like for her to finish Geometry by the end of this school year if possible and also not to need so much hand holding. She is a very good student and wants to go to nursing school, so I really do not want to short change her academically either. I would like for her to do very well in the SAT/ACT exams also. I guess I am trying to decide which curriculum would help us finish Geometry in a decent timeframe, a little bit more independently, and without hurting her academically. Advice and suggestions are very welcome. Thanks in advance for your time and help. :) Chena from Georgia
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