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  1. Hello, I want to create my own PhD regarding the classical liberal arts, it’s numerous tools and their applications. I am familiar with works of Jacques Barzun, Mortimer Adler and the University Chicago/St. Johns College crowd, John Henry Newman, Father James V. Schall, Father Benedict Ashley, Father Francis P. Donnelly, The Jesuits, Paul Abelson, Isidore de Seville, Aristotle, etc,. I am hoping to present their ideas while providing the psychological theory underpinning the usefulness of the various “tools”. I think I can do this without being in the walls of academia but it’s quite the task gathering the resources. Any suggestions on reading lists, universities, authors, professors, dissertations, books, articles, etc would be sincerely appreciated. Graciously, Chris
  2. I came across this article awhile ago and was hoping someone could provide information about what Wilhelmsen is discussing. I’ve yet to come across a deeper explanation of the curriculum, pedagogy, methodology, etc,. he is alluding too.
  3. Hey Everyone, I'm an adult learner looking to re-educate myself. A few years ago I came across Mortimer Adler's Great Book series and the Introduction 10 volume set which lead me down a rabbit hole of learning about education. Currently my interests revolve around Jesuit education, classic liberal arts, and more. I'm in the process of reading Father Benedict Ashley's "The Arts of Learning and Communication: A Handbook to the liberal arts" with the hope this book will help and Ill add in other materials that are better as needed. Looking forward to learning from everybody. Sincerely, A
  4. Hello, I was trying to read older material from Ester Maria, but I seem unable to navigate her posts from the time period she was active on the boards. Thanks
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