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  1. Thank you for your help! Is Spelling Wisdom a spelling program? Do you think that if I add copy/dictation to R&S language 3, would it be too much? I would also like to add WT 1. Hmmmm, too much? Ds doesn't like to write at all, but I think next year it will be necessary...
  2. I am considering R&S Language for 3rd grade next year. For those of you who use R&S, what do you like about it? Is it different from FLL 3? I can't choose between the two programs. I have been using FLL 1 & 2 with GWG, but I am looking around and I have noticed so many of you seem to be using this curriculum so I took a look and I do like it. Does it have dictation and copy work in it like FLL? If not do you add that to your day as well, and do you add a separate writing program as well? Sorry so many questions! I just want to make the right choices next year so that I don't buy more than I need. I was going to add WT with whatever grammar program I am using, but with R&S, I am not sure if I would need it or not. Thanks ladies, Amy
  3. I have been there as well and my 8 year old has finally stopped complaining about reading time . I have found that finding the right books does help. If he really likes the book, he will read it during assigned reading time as well as on his own. Right now he really likes Barkley's School for Dogs, MTH and the Spiderwick Chronicles. One thing I noticed that helped him transition into silent reading was just reading with him a lot first. So we would curl up and take turns reading to each other. I have assigned reading time, so he must read whether we read together or he reads silently, but I am finding that he is starting to opt to read to himself. Another thing I have tried is to break up the time into smaller chunks so he is only reading a chapter or two at a time, 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes later in the day or evening. I hope this helps! Amy
  4. I am interested in hearing from those who have used Horizon's Math for elementary school grades and what you think of it. It's strengths and weaknesses. I have been using it for 1st and 2nd after using Saxon Math for K and I am afraid that although it is quite good is some respects, it is lacking in others (ex.- mental math). So I guess I am asking, what has been your experience with this program and how has it worked for your children as they progress in math, as well as how do they test on Standardized tests. Thanks! Amy, FL
  5. Thank you ladies, you all gave me some things to think about. I like the idea of having him copy from the SOTW book. My main goal is to have him see/copy well written work and I haven't been doing as much of that as I wanted. Just needed to see what others were doing.... thanks!
  6. I am basically doing exactly what you are doing. I write down his narration and then he copies it and this week I am going to start dictating the first sentence and then have him copy the rest. I just sort of remember in the back of my mind that they are suppose to be copying from well written material, and to be honest, his narrations are not all that great. He keeps them pretty simple. We do other copywork from FLL2, copywork from literature we are reading once per week and a poem or scripture another day and then a definition or narration from what we are studying in science once per week. I was just interested in what others were doing, if the narrations were enough, even if it isn't the best writing. Amy
  7. Do you use your children's narrations as copywork/dictation for history or do you use other material to draw from for those? My DS is in second grade and I am using SOTW2. thanks!
  8. I have a son who is in second grade and he cannot write a sentence on his own without help. He can copy well and he does fairly well with simple dictation, but ask him to write about something on his own and he literally melts down! He has trouble with spelling too, so that is part of it. I really wouldn't care, but due to financial strain, I may have to go back to work and he will have to go to public school where I know in third grade they will expect him to be able to write sentences, maybe even paragraphs on his own. Needless to say, I am a bit stressed and do not know where to begin to get him to write on his own. Any one have any simple ways to get a child who hates to write, writing on his own? I have been trying prompts but he just says he doesn't know what to say. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Do you think I should purchase Singapore for story problems?
  10. Does anyone have any advise on how to teach story problems? My son is in the second grade and can solve very simple math story problems, but not ones with multiple steps, he just doesn't get how to solve those. We use Horizons math 2 and they just do not have much practice with these. Anyone have any ideas on what might help? Thanks!
  11. Have any of you used Sequential Spelling with a 3rd grader? I have heard that it should be started when the dc is in 4th grade and reading on a 4th grade level. Thanks!
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