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  1. I'm leaning heavily to using SOS Spanish for my high-schooler. However, we need 3 years of spanish, not just 2. Any thought on what we could use after completing SOS? Also have any of you had good success with using SOS spanish for high school?
  2. Let me just say I have a 16 yo that was once a 14 yo and the child at 14 is now a man at 16. We outsourced and ended up doing summer school to try to cover ground that he led me to believe he had covered. But now at 16.5 he is very RESPONSIBLE. Thank goodness, because I now have another 14 yo to herd along. I scaled back last year with my 14 yo and focused on accomplishing things well! And I finally carved out time in my schedule to "teach" math to him. This year our goal is for him to continue to accomplish things well and to move forward in math and science. His load is not heavy, but it does cover what needs to be covered. The goal is a sense of accomplishment and good coverage of the subject areas.
  3. Thank you. That is helpful. It doesn't soud like $140 more worth of material.
  4. I need to pick up a book for this course by suchoki , but the price of the 5th edition has been slowing me down for months. Can we get by with an earlier edition or ...?
  5. I need to pick up a book for this course, but the price of the 5th edition has been slowing me down for months. Can we get by with an earlier edition or ...?
  6. Thank you for the reply! I have been eyeing the Spielvogel text. One of the text approved in our state is the Glencoe version. I like the idea of the Sonlight books. Perhaps, this could provide some balance to the perspective. What do you think? I'll give that a closer look. i actually think I may have several of those that I bought for him to read 2-years ago and it was too much for him and I didn't take the time to help him over that hurdle. Did you do ALL the Sonlight books each year? And any suggestions for primary sources or does the Spielvogel text include those? I'm not familiar with the K12 texts, but I'll give those a look, as well. In the event he does go to public school. There are practice and sample tests on-line, so we can go through and get ready. I think they even have a "summer class" for students who are transferring in to prep them. Thank you again for your time!
  7. My ds will begin high school at home in 2-weeks. Long story short, he "may" transfer to public school for his Junior and Senior years. If so, he would need to verify that he took world history by passing the state's standardized tests in world history parts 1 and 2. I had originally planned to utilize something from Ambleside Online, Beautiful Feet, Biblioplan or Heart of Dakota with him but after recent conversations with the public school I realize we need to cover more ground in a shorter time span. Now back to my son - his interest is athletics, not academics. He would much rather be pumping iron, and running then reading. In fact, he would rather not read at all. But he will do what needs to be done. And early world history is DEFINITELY not on his list of interests at present. I ideally would like a plan for him that is engaging with a spine, original documents, some mapping, a video, a corresponding literature selection and easily done in 4 days a week. And he needs to master the material so he can pass the state standardized test. He is college bound and I imagine it might even be a private college initially for athletic reasons. He reads most comfortably at a 6th/7th grade level. His most recent history was reading Augustus Caesar's World. Any suggestions.....
  8. Great question! And the answer is.... YES! Here's the blueprint.
  9. Does anyone know where I could find a list of classical books by genre and accessibility? I'm pulling together a plan for literature for my 14 yo who is a reluctant reader and I wanted him to read classics in several different genres, but I need a master list from which to pick and choose.
  10. It has taken a while, but I've finally heard from the local public school. Whatever course he does at home they will accept for credit, IF he can pass the standardized state test in that course area! This would be a piece of cake for my oldest, but not necessarily for this dc. So, I'm thinking about an Earth Science course that will be: 1.) engaging 2.) prepare him for standardized testing in that subject area 3.) high-school worthy 4.) something we could brush-up on in 2 years if he should enter as Junior Any suggestions?
  11. I'm interested in reading more about the Eastern Band of Cherokee as part of our 19th Century US focus. Does anyone have a good book to recommend? Thank you.
  12. Yes, thank you. It is my understanding that the HOD Rev To Rev guide with extensions is adequate for a high school freshman for history. I'm just looking at the history not the other components. What additional resources do you think it needs for adequate coverage of history?
  13. Could anyone share with me how the history coverage compares in these 2 resources. They both indicate that they can be used for grades 7-9. Are they both adequate for a high school freshman?
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