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  1. We have a garden sprayer (the kind you pump to spray fertilizer and such, though they've never been used for that) for each team for lax tournament season. We replenish them with the water from the ice that's melted in the coolers.


    Usually, one of the parents will also furnish a bench tent, so the kids can be in the shade a bit while they're rotated off the field.


    In extreme weather during regular season (we went from sideways snow to frying hot) we shorten playing time. Otherwise, we haul out everything we can to keep them warm/cool.

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  2. Terrorists have a cause. McVeigh had a message. He was trying to cause change by force and fear.


    This guy decided to kill some people. What message is being conveyed? What change did he expect (in his crazy ass little brain)? Is there any coercion by fear implied in a one off mass murder? This was a bigot with a gun.


    (In case it's not obvious, I am not in favor of terrorism. But not every horrific act falls under that header.)

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  3. It seems to me that there might be something in the last 6-7 years that would tie white supremacy and anti federal government sentiments together.


    And it wouldn't be a non-racist connection.

    I was thinking the same thing. Anti-government and white supremacy seem like close companions in my experience.


    Where we used to live I often saw confederate flag stickers on car that also displayed those dreaded truck nuts. I thought that was a fitting descriptor. Perhaps someone should hang some of those under the flag in question.

    Truck nuts. Lol. I almost drove into the truck wearing them the first time I saw them because I could NOT figure out what unfortunate looking thing that I took to be a wiring/tow hitch dongle was meant to be.


    All the other times, they've just been vulgar.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss.


    I think when someone chooses to share their deepest selves, which for many is an identity in Christ, with you in an effort to support and encourage you that it's never "wrong". It may not be your way, but it's them at their deepest trying to connect and help in a way that is most important to them. I think it would be inauthentic for people of faith to react any other way. I don't think anyone is trying to manipulate or preach, but are sharing the most sacred part of who they are and where they have found / find comfort.


    In my life, when I know people have good intentions and destroy the delivery, I try to step back, kind of sigh, and give "an A for effort". Again, I'm so sorry for you having to go through this.

    And yet, we hear every year how offensive and "war on Christmas" the "happy holidays" wish is when authentically offered in a very casual atmosphere when, really, the cashier at the grocery store might mean to include Christmas and New Year, since they're a week apart. Or that there are many Christian observances that fall on either side of Christmas...


    My point being that it is not about the wisher, but about the recipient of the wish in that instance, so maybe we could respect the recipient of wishes when it is much more personal.

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  5. And i would be sure to tell them what's going on--not the volunteer coordinator, but someone higher up. It would be a shame for a worthy organization to continue to lose volunteers because of a snippy coordinator.

    Very good point. There was a case study in my nonprofit management text book about a longtime volunteer promoted to a paid volunteer coordinator position with a similar sort of interactive attitude. (Obviously, not in a positive way) The leadership should be made aware of the situation so they can do some remediation before they lose the volunteer base entirely.

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  6. What do you watch that's Canadian?

    Murdoch Mysteries, Orphan Black... There are others I've watched occasionally but honestly can't remember the names until I see them. Which is not to say they're not good enough to remember, but I watch via AcornTV which is all BBC/CBC* so I might watch a season and not see anything until the next season is released.


    *not OB. That's on Netflix.

  7. I think it can be healthy just to acknowledge your feelings: "I feel jealous looking at x's gorgeous house, it hurts to not be able to give my kids the opportunities that y's kids have." These are real and normal feelings--acknowledge them, then move on. It helps me to remember that everyone has trials in life, just not the same ones. And it helps to remember the ways in which my family is blessed--we have so very much more than most of the world, we have each other, we have mostly good health, my husband has a job. There will always be people with more than me and there will always be people with less. Doing something to bless those with less, or just finding some way to serve others, goes a long way towards helping me feel happy and content.

    This. And I usually ask myself how much that thing would really mean to me, and how much I would change my life to have it. The answer is usually shockingly little.
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  8. Which to a non believer sounds like, "The great SparklyUnicorn is our refuge and strength. She guides us with her magical uplifting horn and rainbow goodness."

    Well, I do generally expect you to uplift and guide me. Is that wrong?


    Yes, that would be an affront to receive. It would feel like an obligation met by grabbing some random card rather than an expression of sympathy by someone who cares.


    One of my dearest friends is a very devout Christian. I go to her when I have something troubling me because she *knows* me and helps me think through situations. Sometimes, she uses bible verses in a way of explaining how she would approach whatever it is. That's ok. I get that. If she says "I love you and you know you are in my prayers while you walk through this" I take that as the loving expression it is. If she sent me verses, I would be offended.

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  9. Insurance companies need to be eliminated. Good idea initially that became a greedy monster.

    Insurance companies were founded on greed. Baylor decided its hospital was not being filled enough because people didn't want to/couldn't afford to pay the rates, so they cooked up a scheme for hospital care to be prepaid on time. Thus, BC/BS was born.
  10. I understand your frustration and would hope they will make it right (but I doubt they will).


    Honestly, I bill insurance claims all day long for a pharmacy. I see this rejection a few times a day. We ALWAYS assume it is an error on the insurance's side, not the patient's. We assume that, because it is the case 99% of the time.


    The office will just call the insurance company, verify you have active coverage and then proceed from there. If you doctor does a lot of billing, I doubt that they will think anything of the letter and it will just get recycled with all the other garbage letters they receive.



    This. They (all of them) also like to send letters telling people they're denying claims for random, inaccurate reasons, like not having a piece of information on the claim that is right there on the claim. It's not a new practice at all (though the premium non-payment "reason" is).


    I was firmly convinced 20 years ago that claims denial was a way of making money by (a) holding money while they make interest on it and (b) not paying out when people get tired and give up.


    I can't imagine any medical billing office taking anything in a rejection letter seriously.

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  11. Caitlyn Jenner discussing the experience of being transgendered is not disingenuous. Bruce Jenner talking about the woman's experience from a place of authority would have been.


    Identity experience is more complex than how one chooses to define oneself. It has to do with one's experience of the world based on how others perceive and relate to you.


    When I finish grad school, I would love to work for the NAACP, but I am very clear that, while I am interested in hearing people's experiences of the world, I will be operating from a point of aggregate, epidemiological correlation. The experiences of living as a minority are simply not mine to tell. It's not a difficult concept to understand, either.


    Lolly, I don't think you have any obligation to pay back the scholarship. Your daughter didn't defraud the school to apply for it. They simply made a clerical error that both they and she appear to have been completely unaware of until after the fact. It would be completely different if she was invited to receive an award as an outstanding <feature that she does not have> student. Kwim?

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