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  1. Years ago I intended to try submitting to Harlequin's Intrigue line, and that's what my nanowrimo work is based upon - writing to those guidelines, best as I can remember them. You would call my genre "romantic intrigue," sort of a romance, with a mystery/suspense/adventure plot. I don't even know if H. publishes the Intrigue line anymore, or if it may havetaken a dark turn (ie, supernatural elements). I guess for now the goal is to just get one novel actually on paper in rough form. Then i will go on another publisher guidelines hunt and polish up the mss based on who I intend to send it to. I really do not want to have to include too much physical stuff, kwim? I think that's what has me leaning towards a Christian publisher.


    I really like the writing of Terry Blackstock, she writes fiction for women with Christian characters, but they also have substantial plots and often mystery. Not like a typical "Christian romance." You might enjoy her books if you have not already.


    I wish you much success in your new career! Maybe one day each of the boardies will be able to say, "I knew her back when...."

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