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  1. I don't FEEL nervous anymore, not like I did in March. I think overtime I figured out a routine for shopping, brining things into the house, and all that became normal.

    And while I still don't FEEL nervous, my DH and coworkers are working from home again after having gone back to the office, and we're pulling our kids out of the activities that had started up again (here in GA).

  2. We did this 3 years ago and lived in an apartment in between houses. It was more physical work, but we could sell our house, then take our time finding a house we WANTED to buy instead of HAD to buy. We were in the apartment 3ish months and paid extra to get out of the contract, but we knew that might happen, moneywise.

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  3. I used FLL with my kids. DS10 finished level 4 last year and DD8 is almost done with level 3. They also just finished Latina Christiana together.

    I'm glad they had FLL first, then Latin. FLL is both thorough and gentle. I feel the MP "Latin to learn grammar" teaches on a need to know basis only. I have First Form with EGR 2 lined up for next year, and after flipping through it all, I feel like both will be easier and make more sense having done FLL.

    FWIW, I attempted Grammar for the Well Trained Mind with DS10 this year, but dropped it. Too much too fast. I look forward to trying FFL with EGR2.

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  4. I've been using USPS Click n Ship for a long time now. Yes, I use my kitchen scale to measure. I've never had anything sent back.

    You do the shipping label first, then request pick up as a separate "transaction". You can tell the postal worker if the box is in the mail box or front porch (or other place). They just pick it up! Saves me a lot of time.

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  5. 14 minutes ago, OKBud said:


    We have plain kindles and love them. 



    The Paperwhite would be the next step up but I've honestly never needed anything the plain kindles don't have, even before they got  a basic backlight. Unless they're going to make e-readers that have good color some day. I'd be all over that. 

    I did pay extra to not see ads.

    This is exactly the advice I needed. It's so cool that they put a backlight on the basic Kindle.

    Do you think it's worth getting a case?

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  6. 4 minutes ago, lmrich said:

    All the major school districts in Metro Atlanta have announced closures. 

    Which means all of us in Middle GA should close too. So many people travel back and forth to ATL daily.

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  7. 1 hour ago, sweet2ndchance said:

    I didn't read that "if" as she may or may not get him evaluations and services.... I read it as if she is going to get him evals, she understands that she needs to get his hearing tested too. I could be the one in the wrong here but I don't think she is considering not doing anything.

    Yeah, this is my sentiment!

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  8. Wow, thanks for the support, everyone!

    In regards to ASD, the only reason I mention it is because I have two brothers on the spectrum, so that's my experience with these sorts of issues. Both of them had/have speech problems and both had therapy for it (and their other issues). I also know that communication problems are a hallmark indicator for ASD, but I don't think my son exhibits any of the other indicators.

    No, I have not had his hearing checked. I don't feel like this is an issue - he never seems to have a problem understanding us. But yes, if were going to pursue other therapies/diagnoses, I know I should have him tested.

    Thank you all for the advice to schedule this sooner rather than later. He keeps making slow but steady progress, but I do feel he's outside of the normal range. I didn't know it could take so long to get an appointment time.

    Looks like there's a lot of work to do. Time to explore our options!

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  9. My 4 year old shows no signs of Autism or other related issues. But he does not say his words properly.

    He speaks in complete, complex sentences. He'll look at you when he talks. He knows all the basic letter sounds and can say them as accurately as a 4yo should (from observing big brother's lessons). He hears fine.

    But he does not pronounce words properly in everyday speech. He's mostly missing consonants. If asked to say it intentionally, he can, when he wants to.

    I've searched on the internet for therapy type suggestions, but I cant find anything geared toward this particular problem. At this moment he's playing a kids monopoly game with DD8. He understands the rules and flow of the game , can make change with the bank, he can even strategize a bit.

    I'm just really confused about why this is an issue. I expected that as a 3 yo his speech would develop, and it has overall, but all my other kids were understandable by others by 4. And without any other developmental issues, I'm not sure how to approach this.

    Any ideas as to the source of the problem or possible fixes?


    Some examples: "this" sounds like "di"; "sit" is "i" with no s or t; "look" is "uh" with no l or k


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