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  1. Oh yeah, now I remember why I don't post a lot - I feel compelled to come back and check for replies, likes, etc. every 5 minutes. And when I've replied to more than one thread on the same day? I'm no good to anybody. Hmm, I wish I could figure out how to add emoticons from the iPad.
  2. Me too! and I barely have 300. I've been mostly lurking since the old old boards. I remember a thread (probably very similar to this one - I didn't read it) titled "How in the world does anyone get 10,000 posts" or something like that. It was deleted because it got too big.
  3. I finshed the novel I was reading last night before I was ready to go to sleep so I decided to peruse the forums. I can blame this thread for keeping me up way past my bedtime. You guys are silly. The good kind of silly. Bye bye boys! Have fun storming the castle!
  4. Yes, I will start another thread. Thank you for coming here and sharing.
  5. Our beloved member Moira passed away yesterday, leaving behind her husband and two daughters. She was diagnosed with 4th stage melanoma in January. I've been told she was fighting as hard as she could. She was planning to go through radiation and chemo, but died suddenly from a blood clot, I believe. I know many of you admired Moira and learned so much from her as I did. She was a huge inspiration in my homeschooling. I always knew any curriculum she recommended would be great and I often ended up using things I heard about from her first. When I first started homeschooling eight years ago I'd often see the same user name on the many forums and yahoo groups I joined, and learned that nmoira was someone I should pay attention to. I soon realized that I had met her in real life through mutual homeschooling friends. One parkday I finally got up the courage to tell her I was her “secret stalker†- that I used her recommendations and was also on the WTM forums, though mostly a lurker. We never saw each other much in person, but communicated online through these forums and facebook. She left fb a few years ago, and I stopped homeschooling this year, so I hadn't communicated with her much lately. I'm going to really miss her. If anyone wants to send cards or letters of condolences, I could pm you my address and send them on to her family. I've never met her husband, but we have mutual friends so I would be able to get them to him. I'm sorry, I don't know what the protocol is for this sort of situation. And, if any of you were talking to her about her continuing curriculum plans for her girls, would you please pm me. Her best friend who is taking care of the girls for now never had a chance to ask her and wanted me to find out what I could from the boards. I'm just so sad, and am still processing this.
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