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  1. Oh yeah, now I remember why I don't post a lot - I feel compelled to come back and check for replies, likes, etc. every 5 minutes. And when I've replied to more than one thread on the same day? I'm no good to anybody. Hmm, I wish I could figure out how to add emoticons from the iPad.
  2. Me too! and I barely have 300. I've been mostly lurking since the old old boards. I remember a thread (probably very similar to this one - I didn't read it) titled "How in the world does anyone get 10,000 posts" or something like that. It was deleted because it got too big.
  3. I finshed the novel I was reading last night before I was ready to go to sleep so I decided to peruse the forums. I can blame this thread for keeping me up way past my bedtime. You guys are silly. The good kind of silly. Bye bye boys! Have fun storming the castle!
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