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    Sonlight 100 American History in Depth instructor guide, study guide, and most of the reading material (read-alouds and history books) for the curriculum. This is the 2007 edition of the Sonlight manuals. (See list in photo for which books are included.) $100 PPD


    Dryden, Michigan - US

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    This includes the Small (6.5" figure) Bible felt/flannelgraph set with 600 figures, as well as: a grey background cloth, the manual, the Water/Sky background, the Shoreline overlay, and the Interior background. A few years ago, I painstakingly cut out every figure carefully. (They come uncut, so this actually saves a LOT of work for you.) A very few small pieces may have gone missing, but this was not used often. $125 PPD


    Dryden, Michigan - US

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