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  1. Thank you so much everyone.  Home Science Tools definitely has the most affordable supplies!  I am in Canada so I'm just trying to figure out how to get it all here without breaking the bank on shipping alone!!  Dd reminded me that she did a frog dissection at coop 2 years ago and last year went and observed a sheep dissection.  So I think we will maybe just do one actual dissection so she can write up the lab and do the rest by watching YouTube videos and simulations.  I would like to get her the microscope and slides though.

  2. Dd 14 is entering grade 9 this year.  I planned to do Apologia Biology this year but when I went to order I'm seeing that there are all kinds of supplemental needs, like dissection kits and a microscope and slides.  If I buy everything "recommended" I'm looking at $500!  My other option is to do an online grade 9 science class through our school board but......I would really rather not.  The only pro is that it's free.  And I guess that it's "recognizable" and accepted on a transcript. 


    Do I really need all that stuff to do Biology properly for her this year?

  3. I second this suggestion. I've had to do it once and got a VERY prompt response and a resolution. Sometimes customer service just can't fix a situation the way we'd like (i.e. getting replacements in time). But there is NEVER any excuse for deliberately jerking customers around and lying to them. I would think that upper management of a company that prides itself on good service would absolutely want to know. If you do try this, would you please update us? We're big Amazon shoppers. I would love to know what the final outcome is. Sorry the reps did this to you.


    That's exactly what I think - no excuse for lies.  That's much more upsetting than not receiving the package I expected.  I understand that mail delays/losses sometimes happen and it just is what it is.  The lying is inexcusable.

  4. you will find these types in customer service in almost every single industry.  I've a friend who worked customer service for an airline - she would watch a particular coworker do this to people.  their supervisors fired her twice - and the union forced the airline to rehire her both times.   when she was caught doing something extremely egregious (she was supposedly working from home and was logged onto her phone for customers to be directed to her.  she wasn't answering the phone.  so each of those customers was not being helped at all, unless they called back.)   - they jumped on the opportunity to fire her a third time - and make it stick.



    path of least resistance.  they don't want to deal  with an upset customer - so they lie and tell them they can fix it.  whether they have the authority, or know how or not.


    Path of least resistance I understand to a certain degree.  I guess I'm just shocked that it woud happen 3 times in a row.  Not just one "bad" rep.  And right up until the afternoon of Christmas day.  It makes me suspicious that it was the line they were told to give so people wouldn't cancel orders and/or shop elsewhere.


  5. I recently had a problem with an order from Amazon that I had to contact customer service multiple times. I was pleased with Amazon's response each time, even though it didn't help with the delivery of the package. Each time I called, they emailed me the resolution and had me verify that I received the emailed and agreed with the contents. Did you get an email each time you called that basically outlined your conversation?



    Eta: So sorry that you didn't get the package that you were expecting in time for Christmas. What a hassle!


    No, I did not receive an email the first 3 times.  I did check a box that allowed the transcript of our conversation to be emailed to me, so I have that (instant chat).  I received an email from the final call that seemed to be the most honest - admitted we wouldn't have the items, created a new order that I can see on my account.

  6. OP I suggest that you write a short, polite and courteous email to [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script>   Include the Order Numbers and document when you called them and what you were told.  Hopefully they will prevent their people from lying to customers in the future. I doubt that came from Jeff or his top management people.  Again,  send an email to Jeff AT amazon.com    I suspect they will offer you more than a $5 credit and that they will apologize to you, but that is not going to put that present under your Xmas Tree this morning.    I wrote to jeff one time (August 2016) and they made us happy with their solution.  That was not Xmas, so I hope they can do something that will make you happier.  Someone on Jeff's staff will reply to you.  


    Do you have any idea if this would be an appropriate path for Amazon in Canada as well?


    The rep I talked to at the end sent me an email saying that she had passed on the names of those involved to their supervisors but that's it so far.


    She did credit me half the purchase price of our order as compensation.  I'm still a little skeptical though because that doesn't show up on my account anywhere - she said it will when I order something....

  7. Ugh. That's awful!


    Every time I've had an issue, they've had me order another item, and they reimburse the charges and pay for overnight shipping if it's time sensitive. Several times they've simply sent a replacement free of charge.


    I am stunned by your experience. That's just rotten.


    I hope you found gifts that will work for tomorrow!

    Isn't it stunning?? That's it exactly. It's not just bad customer service it's so strange.


    Thankfully my kids are older so they'll understand. I did have to run into the mall today to get something for my littlest because his gift can't even be sent now - it's out of stocks.

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    That's horrible! :(


    When I've needed replacements, I have always been told to order a new item and message them the item number. I do this while I'm still chatting with them. They then issue me a credit and cover the cost of the item and expedited shipping. If your account doesn't show a new order (whether created by you or by them), then one hasn't been made. [/quote


    Yes, apparently. I didn't realize I would need to see it on my account if it was so. I thought it was just an internal change when I didn't see anything.

  9. That's amazing.


    I never get the resolution I'm looking for when I chat Amazon -- but mostly because there is nothing they can do about things not arriving when they've been promised. I usually get offered a replacement (but I'll have to send back the original when it comes) or extension on my Prime.


    They always lie & say the item will arrive that night - even when it is OBVIOUS that it won't. (I just had that happen yesterday, although I didn't contact them because I knew they would lie. This afternoon, UPS finally admitted the 'next day air' package wouldn't arrive until Tuesday even though it shipped out Wed night.)

    I completely understand if they just can't make a delivery happen and acknowledge/apologize. But...why promise me something that isn't even on the radar for coming?! It totally baffles me that the lie was continued and built upon by each rep.

  10. I am LIVID. 

    I had a package that was supposed to arrive Dec 20.  When it didn't I thought for sure it would in the next day or two.  When it still didn't arrive by Dec 22 I contacted customer service.  I was told that the package was "lost in the mail" and they would issue a replacement but it would not arrive before Christmas.  I pushed and spoke to a supervisor and was told it would be sent overnight to arrive yesterday, Dec 23. 

    When it wasn't here by 6pm I contacted customer service again and was assured it would arrive by 8:30pm. 

    When it wasn't here by 9pm I contacted customer service again and was assured that it would arrive today.  I questioned mulitple times how certain this was and pointed out that I had already been told it would arrive and it didn't.  I made clear that it contained Christmas gifts and that I would need to replace them if the package was not going to arrive. 

    Twice I was offered a $5 promo for my trouble.


    Today: no package.


    I called customer service again and was told that ALL THREE TIMES that I talked to customer service reps in the past couple of days they were lying.  Just flat out lying.  No replacement was ever issued. 


    Today a replacement was finally issued - I can see it on my account and got an email outlining everything.  Nothing is to be expected to arrive until Dec 27-30.  One item was out of stock and will come later than that and another is out of stock and had to simply be refunded.


    I was offered half of my order as a credit on my acount.  I asked about the two other $5 promos and was told only 1 is on my account.


    I'm simply baffled.  How can it be that three separate reps would confirm that a replacement was sent and would be delivered on time??  I just don't understand it at all.  Unless it was a direction from management?  Just placate people for now??  I don't know.  It's so so so bizarre to me.  And left me scrambling at 1pm today to pick up gifts to replace those which will not arrive. 


    What an epic fail, Amazon.

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  11. I'd move on to algebra.



    The publisher never intended for children to do both Math 87 and Alg. 1/2. Your dc has over an 80% average; move on to Alg.1. The recommendation would be that if your dc gets through about half of Alg. 1 (or any other text, for that matter) and is really struggling, then she should go back to the beginning of that text and start over. And be sure that she does every.single.problem in every lesson.




    Move on to Algebra :)  She should be fine. I'd just watch her test scores in Algebra and if you see she's falling off that 80% guideline, back up 10 lessons, do them again and repeat the test.  


    Also, just an aside regarding that 65%,  when we have a situation where a kid just tests really unexpectedly badly on one test, I have them redo the test the next day just to see if it was an aberration or a real problem with comprehension.





    Also, if you are not doing so already, I would give partial credit on tests from now on.  There is a huge difference between a major conceptual error--adding x + x^2 + x^3 and getting 6x, for example--and a sign error that is due to inattention.  


    Ok, thanks everyone.  I'm feeling more confident.  I also talked to dh who does all math corrections and helps with dd now and he said he feels like she had a solid grasp and mistakes were generally due to fatigue (so many problems every day).  And sometimes hormones ;)  For some reason I thought it was a 90% average to move up to Algebra.  We always do every single problem and correct any that are wrong, as well as the warm up and drill sheet.  She's a trooper.  We also do all test corrections, so we did the corrections on the 65% test and saw that she knew how to solve the problems.  I haven't given partial credit because the Saxon books are pretty clear that it's all or nothing.  And I didn't want to skew the result for knowing if she should proceed to Algebra 1.  But I agree; I've been tempted.

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  12. Okay I went back and checked her scores.


    Test 15 - 90%

    Test 16 - 75%

    Test 17 - 85%

    Test 18 - 85%

    Test 19 - 80%

    Test 20 - 90%

    Test 21 - 90%

    Test 22 - 65%

    Test 23 - 80%


    So it wasn't the very last test that was bad, it was the second last.  And I remember why when I went back and looked - it was a poor choice on my part.  It was a busy week and dd wrote her test in the van, on the way to co-op, with her 2 siblings and 2 little ones we were babysitting.  She not only made some ridiculous errors she skipped one question entirely by mistake.


    So does it look good to soldier on to Algebra 1??  Any reason to slow down, solidify things, and do Algebra 1/2?  What is expected for grade 8 and 9?

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  13. Things I would take into account if it was my kid:


    1) How hard does SHE want to work?


    If she doesn't want to work hard, you would be banging your head against a wall to put her higher than recommended.  Some kids thrive on challenge.  Some do not.


    2) Does math generally come easy for her?


    When I was a child, I was offered Algebra 1 in 8th grade.  We were warned that it would be ~1hour of homework every night.  Since I loved math, and it had always come easily to me, I was all in.  Not all children are like that.


    3) What are her career plans?


    If she wants to enter a science field, I would push harder.  Math is the language of science.  Knowing math at a higher level will help her.


    Likewise, if she wants to go to grad school, there are usually a lot of math (statistics) involved, even if it is not a science major (psychology, business, anthropology, education...)


    4) What are her strengths?


    For example:

    I could EASILY see my older daughter being a field biologist, geologist, chemist, or astronomer.   My younger daughter will either work in computers or be opening for Saturday Night Live (if you only knew!!!!)  So, yeah, math is on the menu at our house.


    However, your child has her own strengths, and you know them as her mother.  If working like crazy on a goal, or having a natural penchant towards the sciences is what you see in her, I would push. 


    5) Is it necessary for her to achieve a certain level of math before high school graduation to qualify for a grant or scholarship?


    Example: Iowa State University offers an automatic grant of several thousand dollars if the high school student achieves all of the following: GPA, SAT/ACT scores, 3+ years of foreign language, 3+ years of lab science, and math THROUGH Calculus. (There may be a few extra requirements).  I would be surprised if other state schools do not offer similar grants.


    We are working towards those requirements.


    In asking dd she wants Algebra 1.  She likes challenge and she doesn't want to repeat what she feels like she already did last year.  She's a hard worker and never complained once last year about Saxon's long lessons or the weeks I took (before Christmas and at the end of the year) to do the supplemental practice and try to address some weaknesses (in her homework I kept track of all the errors and from which lesson they came so I could pinpoint areas she needed reinforcement).


    I also plan to switch from the Dive instructional CD to Art Reed and hope that helps.  Initially dd didn't like the Art Reed sample I showed her last year so I went with Dive but this year I'm asking her to give Art a try.


    I don't see her going into a math/science field.  She loves to read and write, she loves poetry and plays, and she's a helper.  I think she'll focus on the humanities.


    I am having a hard time figuring out what our local high schools are doing for grade 9/10/11/12 math because they use strange names for the course, rather than something like "Algebra 1".


  14. How did she do on the last tests in 8/7?  Was it a struggle or was she consistently scoring at least 80%?  Not sure if you are trying to use the placement test for Saxon but it's not accurate if you've been using Saxon.


    The guidelines I've read state that if a child scores at least 80% on the last few tests in Saxon 8/7 then they should be good to go into Algebra.  If not, then the recommendation is Saxon 1/2.  If you have to go that route, I wouldn't worry.  


    If it makes you feel better, I have a freshman this year who is just now finishing up Saxon 8/7 (Lesson 85) and I'm not sure he'll be ready to go into the Algebra book.  We may spend the whole year on pre-algebra and then tackle Algebra either in the Spring/Summer or even next fall.  It is what it is.  He needs to be solid before we go on.



    Why did you decide to test her?  If she did well with 8/7 (assuming that it was the 2004 edition), then I would move on to algebra.


    Honestly, I think it is better to allow students more time to do Algebra I even if it means less time doing prealgebra.   So, IMO it is better to do Algebra I over two years than spend two (or more) years on prealgebra.  My experience with my own children is that doing algebra actually *strengthens* arithmetic skills.  This is assuming that you are working with your student and filling any holes that crop up.


    I felt like she was starting to get a little lost at the end.  If we slowed things down and went over anything she got wrong she could almost always correct it without assistance but sometimes on the tests she.....got overwhelmed maybe?  Or fatigued?  Only near the end of the book when it started to pick up.  The last test was a 70% but otherwise she usually scored above 80%.  At the end of the course I just wasn't sure so that's why I thought I would test her and see how she did overall.


    Interesting - I feel like I've often heard that it's better to get a really, really strong foundation in prealgebra before moving on to Algebra.

  15. I'm having a hard time nailing down which math to use this year.

    We did Saxin 8/7 last year after using Singapore and then CLE.

    Dd is testing on the borderline for needing to do Algebra 1/2 instead of Algebra 1.

    I can't decide if I just relax and let her do the pre algebra again this year for grade 8 or if I need to push and prioritize her getting Algebra 1 done before grade 9.

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  16. I have the opposite problem - I love our "circle time" and my kids groan about it!  They are (nearly) 9, 11, and 13 and they seem to be outgrowing what they used to love.  I like to do poetry, devotions, memory verse, and, some days, a missionary story.  They like the missionary story and always ask for it to be last (save the best for last!) but otherwise they look at circle time as an interruption and a waste of time because they are thinking of the other seat work they still have to accomplish.

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