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  1. There is a lot of reading and discussion, but there are worksheets for their LA and Science; mapping for their Geography/History section; and depending in the grade, there may be essay/research projects. If you want you can write out the work for them, but I'm trying to move him more towards independence in his written work. You can download a 3 week sample from Sonlight, and see what it entails. It looks so interesting, etc...but so much writing...
  2. I am seriously considering Sonlight with my DS10 this coming year. He loves to read, read, read. He also has dysgraphia. Until last year, I wrote everything out for him (he spoke, I wrote); this year we changed everything up and put him on the PC. He's doing TT6 and loving it (was in MUS before), doing SOS LA/History and HATING it. SOS is just so....boring? So I'd like to switch him up to Sonlight or something similar, BUT the amount of writing that he would be required to do, is beyond what he is capable of doing. I've considered going back to writing it for him, but I honestly don't believe I can do that again. (I'm still teaching a younger sibling and 2 older ones, plus working part time). So I guess what I'm wondering is, as anyone been able to scan worksheets onto their computer and turn them into a writable file? I know that Adobe has that possibility, but I'm not sure if it works on the type of worksheets that Sonlight produces. (I've emailed the company asking for a pdf file (I'm willing to pay full price for the guide and books and signed any documents to prevent resale, etc) but they don't have that available). Has anyone discovered to make literature based programs work for kids that have writing issues, work partially independently?
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