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  1. I have DD 12 and DS 9 both using LOF. We use it as our only math curriculum. Previously, we used Singapore. LOF is a breath of fresh air and my kids now LOVE math. DD did Fractions and Decimals in one semester which consisted of one lesson a day. She did the bridges until she got the required amount right to pass, sometimes 1, sometimes 3 tries :-) DS also does one chapter a day in the elementary series, and I believe we completed 4 books this year. He is going slower the farther we progress as the material gets harder. This was the 1st year we used Fred exclusively and his standardized test scores improved dramatically.
  2. We are moving out of MCT because I don't feel that my upcoming 3rd grader is quite ready for the Town level that my upcoming 6th grader did last year. Both enjoyed the actual grammar portions of the program. However, my daughter HATED the Caesar's English and wasn't too fond of a lot of the writing portions either. She begged that we switch to something else. It wasn't because it was too difficult and she didn't struggle with it, but she felt it was very boring. Personally, I think that what they were taught they did not forget. I liked the presentation and techniques used to teach the material. I think MCT is a great program. I just do not feel it is a good fit for us at this time. I hope this helps...
  3. I have researched Analytical grammar and GWG both extensively and read many forums on here. I haven't been able to find a good comparison between the two. I have an above average 3rd grader that I would do the Junior analytical grammar with and an above average 6th grader that would be analytical grammar. Does anyone have anything they would like to say about either program or have you tried both? I want to start one of the programs in the fall. We are currently coming off of MCT Grammar Island and Grammar town levels. Thanks :001_smile:
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