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  1. I have joined a couple of PA homeschool FB pages per the suggestion on this thread. I’m definitely getting good info there.
  2. We are considering Mechanicsburg/Hershey/York. Don’t really know yet as we’ve never been. My hubby’s job will be in York so anything with 30-40 min commute time or shorter is ideal.
  3. @school17777. Thanks. Would I just contact the school district to find out the criteria?
  4. @Upennmama Thanks for posting. I appreciate your comment. I’m feeling more comfortable about homeschooling in PA thanks to fellow homeschoolers like yourself who has given me in state insight. Im now focusing on getting my objectives, affidavits, and curriculum log done. I’m also in search of evaluators and homeschool groups for resources.
  5. @HomeschoolingHearts&Minds Which Maryland FB groups would you suggest? I’ve contacted a lot of the yahoo homeschool groups and all but one had a good email address.
  6. @happypamama Those changes would be great. But, I read an article on one of the homeschool websites stating that those changes were only for the 2019-2020 school year because of covid. Plans are in place to resume normal operations beginning in August for the 2020-2021 school year.
  7. @Kristin0713. Thank you for that info. I use to live in NJ when I had my first child. There began my homeschooling adventures as I met a homeschool family in NY who opened my eyes to homeschooling. If we moved to NJ, we would come full circle. 😂 Unfortunately, we are relocating from Tx where we’ve been for the last 14 years due to my husbands job.
  8. My family is relocating to the York area or northern MD during the summer. I currently live in Texas where homeschool laws are simple. My children have never ever entered the school system. I’m concerned that I may miss something, register late, not teach all the subjects or not do something to the evaluators liking and have truancy all over my case. I have 5 kiddos to boot and it seems like an awful lot of work for each of them. Im more inclined to move to Maryland because of this. However, because we are not familiar with either area, the plan is to rent near York/Harrisburg for a

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    I'am looking to purchase the items listed below in New, Like New, Gently used excellent condition. Saxon 8/7- Student text, Solutions Manual, Test & Worksheets, Saxon 8/7- Teacher CDs Beautiful Feet- Early American History Readers for Primary & Intermediate E.A & World History Readers Junior High Sonlight- D+E readers Notgrass- America the Beautiful Thanks for looking!


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