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  1. 23 hours ago, Jean in Newcastle said:

    OK - we have a local neuropysch appt. made.   Thanks everyone.

    BTW - do not go through Kaiser!  They split things up so that you can only get tested for ADD/ ADHD with one division and things like dyslexia through another.  And both are with the intent of MEDICAL management and not other therapies.  Plus. .  they kept insisting that my daughter had to have a traumatic brain injury for me to even be considering this. . . .    ???  Um, no. 


    May I ask with whom you made the appointment? I am looking for a referral as well.



  2. Thank you all! I have Aops Pre A and have ordered Jousting Armadillos, Dolciani and Jacob's to compare. 

    I probably will end up using two different programs after reflecting on it a bit more. I was trying to make my life a little easier by combining them both, as they are so close in age. My younger one just completed Singapre 5 and my older one completed Saxon 7/6. 



  3. One more thing to add: Saxon requires very little teacher support, but even so, it works best with a very strong teacher. 


    Programs like AoPS will require tutoring and/or teacher support.  Few kids succeed with it 100% independently.


    As for switching from one to the other, it is VERY easy to switch into Saxon at any point (because it is spiral repetition / drill), but going to AoPS will frustrate most students who are not used to a challenge.


    The other options across the middle of the spectrum have a little more flexibility to either direction.


    Thank you all! I have a lot to think about.


    I am know contemplating moving my older son from Saxon to another program in preparation for AoPS. He has tried MM in the past and it did not click for him.  He is going into sixth grade and has just completed Saxon 65. Any suggestions for a specific singapore math program to help bridge the gap to AoPs?

  4. We used MUS K-Algebra supplemented with Singapore's Challenging Word Problems mostly.  LoF later (just Algebra). 


    With 20/20 hindsight, I wish I'd discovered Singapore's CWP earlier and skipped LoF.


    Why are you conflicted?  Does the student do well with Singapore?  How old is your youngest?  It's a solid program, so if it ain't broke,


    I am using Saxon 6/7 for DS11 and Singapore for DS 9.  I feel that there is less practice and review with Singapore and tying all the books together to create a program for him seems overwhelming for him and I.  


    I think I would have liked Saxon as a child.  I am nit picky kinda OCD perfectionist Type A.  I used to bring math workbooks along on vacation with me.  Saxon would have been torture for my bright but unmotivated Type B ds.  OTOH, neither of us connected with Singapore (full program).


    Have you ever checked out Cathy Duffy's books?  She recommends different curriculum for different personality types.



  5. My nine year old has requested that we study Chemistry.  I would love to plan something along the lines of 8filltheheart's Homeschooling at the Helm  book.  I am looking for suggestions in terms of books or other resources that you may have used in coming up with a unit on Chemistry.  The skills we will be working on will include outlining and forming paragraphs.



  6. DS (10) is having a hard time with Hake, and I am getting a lot of resistance from him when it comes to working on the lessons. He does a lesson daily but the last few lessons have been a challenge for him.  He loves to read and is a voracious reader. He outlines and writes a paragraph daily from his science or history readings.

    I would love suggestions as to how to approach grammar for this level.    Thank you! 


  7. I have a fifth grader and  we are working through Treasured Conversations.  He is learning to create an outline from a topic sentence and write a paragraph from it.  He reads well and is working on Hake grammar.  The rest of his school day is spent reading from history and science books based on his interests.  I am a bit worried that we are light on his writing output, I would love any suggestions or thoughts any of you would have.

    What should be the approximate written output for a fifth grader? I am concerned that we are not doing enough.






  8. I have been reading some older posts and within them there are links that are broken for even older posts.  Primarily the issue seems to be for posts prior to 2011. Is there a way that I can access these posts prior to 2011, it seems like there is a lot of wisdom out there from those years and I would love to be able to have access to it. Thank you!


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