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  1. Hey Wendy,

    Since you use HOE do you find that doing it 1-2x week is sufficient?  I was hoping to do SU for 3days a week and then supplementing with HOE and Fractions the other two days do you think that is doable or do you feel its too spaced out?  Thanks for your advice!

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    2. Homeschoolmom3



      Thank you that's very helpful!  I think once I have it in my hands planning will be better.  Have you ever tried their Developing Fraction Sense materials?  I noticed they have it for grades 3,4 & 5.  I would assume it could be done along with HOE but the Hands on Equation- Fractions should be done after HOE?  Have you ever used any of those?  Thanks for your help!


    3. wendyroo


      I have never used their Fraction materials.

    4. Homeschoolmom3


      Thanks so much!


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