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  1. Hi - i'm hoping to bounce my grade 8 plans off y'all. DD is a middle child, quite bright but has a visual processing disorder. I mention this just because it means that some academia will be challenging for her (math typically.) She was evaluated and has very strong visual-spatial gifting. She loves science. Tho she is entering 8th technically, I have her working a grade level behind doing BJU DLO, which she loves. (Her math is TT and she is finishing grade 5.) So next year she'd move into BJU DLO grade 7 and TT grade 6. (I think she could manage eighth grade but at the style of BJU was n
  2. Hello hive.... We are starting Latin this year, with my 11 and 15 year olds. I was going to go with Visual Latin because I do like the hands off approach! However, I do prefer classical pronunciation. Is there something I could teach daily in 5-10 minutes at morning time that would be a good intro to Latin for two absolute beginners? (I took Latin in highschool and have a facility for languages, but I'd rather have something that is more open and go....without too much self teaching.) Is this a unicorn or is there anything that would fit? Thanks in advance!
  3. Just looked at it. For his grade it's medieval lit, and that would kill him. What I'm really wanting is something similar to secondary, which is mostly lit and no primary sources.
  4. Trying to plan 10th grade here..... DS is currently doing VP Omnibus II 2ndary live. He enjoys the discussion very much, and I like the literature. However, we both think the pace of reading is ridiculous. It is definitely diminishing his enjoyment of the books and feels like a burden. He is also doing Compisiton II, because I want to outsource writing. Can anyone suggest something that combines the ethos of Omnibus with writing/English, that is live and perhaps less demanding than the pace of Omnibus? I want him reading great books, it I don't want to teach them. TIA
  5. Just FYI.....it's just not true that they want specific credits. Here is just one example :http://welcome.uwo.ca/admissions/admission_requirements/canadian_secondary_school/home_school.html
  6. Yeah, thanks for your comment. I guess that is one reason why i don't stress about credits. I mean, i think that youth group and church on sunday could constitute a theology credit. His interest in survival skills could be. In other words, we live an educational life, and I don't need to make everything discrete for it to count. IF i were to add something, perhaps i'd add something like logic. But fine arts is out out out. Unless i can count crafting at co-op, lol.
  7. Yes, BJU World Cultures is a "geography" credit. I like the idea of DIY PE. I'd do a health and nutrition perhaps, and require some reading and documentaries. I do plan to do loads of history in the next few years. I just wanted to leave it for a year to give him a chance to grow as a student, so that he is able to really tackle it from a higher level. (In Canada, there is no history for 9th, rather we have geography in 9th and Canadian history in 10th. So I don't feel like there is any particular panic to have history this year.) What would you suggest for computer science? I
  8. He likes the VP omnibus he is doing now (secondary, self paced.). The live class will have more writing assignments. He likes the sound of what I propose, but he really doesn't know better, lol.
  9. There is no requirement based upon credits for post secondary entrance, although a transcript and portfolio are submitted. Credits are relevant to a highschool diploma, and we won't be working toward that. (Credits are a total fiction; a child who can write the exam and pass on day one, has earned the credit without the required #of hours.) Rather, universities are interested in capability, which is demonstrated by a SAT and portfolio. Of course different schools have different pathways for homeschoolers, but I am not interested in recreating HS at home by requiring subjects that the govt thin
  10. I am not concerned about total credits or what some govt body says is required to "graduate." I don't want to overload the kid, because he responds to pressure by panicking. I'm pretty sure BJU considers physical science a grade 9 so that is good enough for me, although I do appreciate that there are physical science courses for 8th. He is university bound, but probably not for anything involving math. I could switch, but I would need some way to deliver the teaching - Ie: I can't teach Saxon. The VP Omnibus is all literature and Shakespeare. Does that help? And thanks so m
  11. Here is the plan for bright but not super motivated DS, who is entering ninth in Sept. I covet your comments: BJU online physical science MathUSee Algebra VP Composition Live (not sure what level, he's done Attuneup.com Time Capsule and Grammar Cracker?) VP Omnibus Secondary Live BJU Eorks Cultures, parent/self taught Go!!!
  12. My 12 year old ds is a terrible speller. This past year we've used PZ, which little success. I'd rather not do AAS because of time constraints. What should i use to start from (nearly) the beginning?
  13. Where can i find a curriculum that addresses outlining and etc? Basic study skills? LD
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