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  1. I’ve got a dyslexic ds using Power Basics Biology from Walsh Education. I’d like to find some review platforms to help with all those pesky vocabulary words. I only found 4 vocabulary lists on Quizlet. Are there any options out there? I know I can find videos and whatnot that match the lesson topics, but I’d like to not reinvent the wheel. Thanks
  2. My high schooler wants to focus on the non Western European experience in the Americas, which really boils down to Indigenous people and African Americans. That fits right into my plan of a year of civil rights and racial justice. I'm looking at the following books Howard Zinn- A Peoples History of the United States - there is a youth edition An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States- there is a youth edition An African American and Latinx Peoples’ History of the United States All of these are too long to read straight thr Oh! Freedom curriculum by Woke Hom
  3. My daughter took an econ class at our Co-op last year. The teacher organized a business selling candy during lunch. They shares and did all the bookkeeping. It was really fun for them and they learned a lot
  4. My raising Freshman would like to study the history of Asia as her history credit for this coming year. Has anyone done this? I'm looking for a few good books. She's a good student/reader so I don't have any limits on what I'll consider. I did see a Foundations of Asia on the Teaching Company Plus website. It doesn't look like it'd be a whole credit. I will consider a semester's worth of credit as well. Thanks in advance. Jennifer
  5. I'm looking for the Algebra I TM ISBN 0201860961. I may have found it here: http://www.pearsonschool.com Any other ideas? Thanks Jennifer
  6. We've done grammar since 1st grade. Now I have a 4th and 6th grader. They both get 95% correct on the Easy Grammar assign. At this point it seems like busy work. When should our students stop doing it?? Thanks Jennifer in IL (who is trying to get a grip on the whole forum thing)
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