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  1. This is what my evaluator is stating we should do, so it may be the route we go!
  2. I am not concerned about his grade - it was a new format and one which we did not understand how to correct his own work until much later in the year. (I fully anticipate the same struggle for my next child this upcoming year due to the format change.) I am 100% confident that he fully understands the concepts he was just unsure HOW to answer as he'd never completed an online class. I am not concerned about his knowledge as he can explain it and perform well, he was just unsure how to do it at the beginning of the year and it impacted his grade. I am also unwilling to just give him an A unless I am combining the two together which would equal a 91% on the 10 point scale. (We have to have documentation to back everything up - HIGH regulation state). So I may combine the two which would give him an A, but I have to provide the documentation to back it up. I can also change the values - I am counting tests as 60% - and he would score much higher as he didn't understand how to do his first test. At that point in time, the company didn't have "second chances", although they now offer that option.
  3. Here is a copy of how my local school board weights it:
  4. It was his first online class, and I chose Algebra as he'd already taken it in 7th grade through Saxon and had a 94%. This year we did it through Thinkwell which is online and I wanted it to be a class he'd already done well in as the online format was totally different and I wanted him to get used to it prior to his higher level courses. The 87% does not reflect his prior Saxon score, as I don't know how to calculate it (unless I just average the two, maybe?) and I am not sure if I should include it as it was completed in 7th grade. Do you think I should go ahead and weight the course, add in his Saxon and average, or just leave it as a B and count it as a learning curve? He will be moving on to Honors Geometry next school year.
  5. The 4% is because it's an honors class. His current grade, without the 4%, is a high-ish B (87.157%).
  6. The 4% isn't because of the grade, but because it's an Honors class, not traditional Algebra if that makes a difference.
  7. My son just finished up Honors Algebra 1 through Thinkwell. We like them pretty well. I think you can do two weeks for free as a trial. I think they also have free refresher courses right now as well.
  8. We just had our portfolio evaluation (high regulation state) and I asked my evaluator about the Algebra 1 in 8th grade (my oldest just finished honors algebra 1). It is her opinion that I should not even include the Algebra 1 on my sons transcripts since it was completed prior to 9th grade as per our state law, it technically does not count as completed in grades 9-12. She said I CAN include it if I so choose, but it isn't necessary as it should be obvious he took the course if he is doing higher level mathematics. In addition, she did confirm that if I do include it on my transcript, since it was an honors course I should go ahead and add 4% as this is how my local school district counts honors classes. (I know I don't have to follow PS standards, but in Pennsylvania I AM choosing to do at least the equivalent as if our evaluator signs our transcripts/diploma it is equal to that of public schools in the eyes of Pennsylvania law). So, I guess my question is - would you add Algebra 1 anyways? I know we will still have to do at least three more math classes for high school per our state law. If you would add it, would you do a year or a subject format transcript. Also, would you go ahead and add the 4% to what we'd previously calculated his grade? His current, non weighted grade is 87.157, so adding 4% would make it a 91.157, which moves it from a B to an A (10 point scale). Thanks for any input!
  9. Great to know! If you get a chance, would you let me know your thoughts after using it?
  10. Did you call it Logic on your transcript or something else? Trying to decide if it should be Intro then Intermediate or Logic 1 Logic 2 as well.
  11. One more question - when I look on the Logos Press website it says they recommend Introductory Logic by Nance for 7th grade. Will it be too kiddish for a rising 9th grader?
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