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  1. I was thinking about by getting medical attention as the condition is getting worse. I read somewhere that by consulting a foot doctor or a chiropodist may be helpful. But I really don't have in any personal experience. How is this treatment by such a medical profession be of help? Has anybody have any previous experience with such a professional?
  2. Thank you for the advice and tip. But I don't want to cause additional infection to the wound.
  3. Hey all, I have been experiencing a slight pain in my toe every now and then. I was having difficulty walking and playing. A few weeks ago, the nail of my toe started getting hurt and I noticed the the big toe was swollen. I noticed when I was careless to play soccer, I was not able to walk or get up and had to hop on one leg. I consulted my doctor and he said that the toe nail was growing inside and deep into the flesh which was causing the pain. He gave me a couple of medicines and it has been almost two weeks now and it still hasn't made much of a difference. I wanted to look for an alternative solution for the same. Has anyone experienced such a situation before? Could someone help and advice me on what alternative and which medical treatment I could possibly get?
  4. Hello all. Newbie daniel here. I was looking for groups to get some advise and make some friends. Thank you for letting me in. Hope to talk to you all soon. Cheers!
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