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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Includes Guide to Teaching the Early Grades, The Heart of Learning, Healthy Living from the Start, and Crafts for the Early Grades. Does not include Circle Time CD (mine was damaged) but I can send you the track list if you want; they are mostly traditional songs and easy to find. No markings on any books and little to no wear. Price includes domestic (US) shipping. (I accidentally marked this as new but can't seem to change it. The books are gently used.)


    , Oregon

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    2019 edition. Includes Coursebook, resource book, Oak Meadow Folk Tales, Oak Meadow cookbook, Advanced Recorder, Woodworking for Kids, and D'Nealian Cursive workbook. The Coursebook contains one minor notation made in pencil and erased and the handwriting book has the first 2 pages completed in pencil and erased. No other markings and little to no wear in any books. Price includes domestic (US) shipping.


    , Oregon - US

  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    2019 edition. Bundle includes Coursebook, resource book, Word Families and Beginning Recorder. Barely used and unmarked. Price includes domestic (US) shipping.


    - US

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