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  1. Hi all! Like so many others around the country & world I've become a homeschool parent overnight. Both my kiddo and I are absolutely loving it! I've always been intrigued by homeschooling -- when I was in college I babysat for a homeschool family and was amazed by how saturated with learning their lives were. There weren't distinct classes or assignments, but the kids were always doing educational things: reading classic literature or non-fiction books, doing art and experiments, having debates and discussions. It was wonderful to see and very inspiring but, as a single mom, homeschooling has never been possible due to financial circumstances. Until now! As it doesn't seem like my 10 year old's school will be re-opening in the fall, I am beginning to make a more thoughtful plan for what her 5th grade homeschooling life will look like come autumn. We've been using a totally improvised approach I established on the fly when her school shut down in March. Each day, she does pages from several workbooks -- Orbiting with Logic, the Complete Book of Maps & Geography, and Word Roots; Life of Fred and Khan Academy for math; and a chapter from Story of the World with an activity. For science, I'm just having her read whatever non-fiction books about science-y stuff we happen to have around the house. This is working just fine but two areas that need attention are grammar/writing/ELA (she's not doing much in this domain) and science (I'm not sure eclectic reading is sufficient?) I would love suggestions for 5th grade English and science curriculum! Since I am working from home, I need materials that she can do mostly on her own. She is a super voracious reader and picks up new concepts easily. She reads a lot of popular middle grade stuff -- Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc. -- but if there are any recommendations for great novels to read in fifth grade, I would love to hear them 🙂 Any other suggestions you may have for a total newbie are most appreciated! Am I doing this right? Am I missing any subject areas? Though we're having fun, I am prone to anxiety -- I am not a trained teacher and really don't want to mess up something as precious and important as my kid's education! Thanks so much for your wisdom -- I've already learned a ton just browsing this forum!
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