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  1. Well that's the real question. I'm currently looking into both, since we're not exactly sure what the school year will look like quite yet in the fall. I think looking into long term options might make the most sense.
  2. This is very helpful thank you! I'll take a look tino the Scholastic Remote Learning activities that you mentioned!
  3. Oh no, I am just throwing a lot of questions out there based on what I've found or been told to look into. At the time it was all Greek to me, (and truthfully I'm still getting used to it all). The MEP math suggestion that Rosie made was a great one though!
  4. Great, I'll take a look into these too! Also do you recommend sticking with one particular resource? Or does make sense to possibly use a couple at once?
  5. Thanks for the advice! I am completely new to this process so I'm basically trying to get ahead of this thing. I'm currently looking into programs that have different subjects available and are easy to use for children. I recently mentioned in another post that I'm currently looking into a site, Beestar. According to my cousin, the system is user friendly and has a bunch of different options to keep her kids engaged. I'm sure I'll have to be more hands on, but if there's a system that can guide me through, that's a huge help.
  6. I am new to this forum and looking into homeschooling resources due to the COVID-19 quarantine. I wanted to know what tools or programs would make sense for 1st-3rd grades. I'm looking for basic core curricula to start. I have a couple of programs I'm looking into at the moment, but would appreciate any advice.
  7. Completely new here and looking into some homeschooling resources due to the shutdown. I heard that Amazon was making some of their resources for children available for free. I'm also looking into programs that offer core curricula for 1st-3rd graders (math, science, social studies, etc). I've seen some reviews of a program called Beestar. There appear to be several options, so I wanted to know if anyone has used this system before?
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