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    Hello! Hello! I am searching for Enki education curriculum for grades 1 and 2, and also kindergarten full or partial curriculum that includes movement exercises and dvd with cds Thank you! Anna


  2. I have a major major problem and I really would appreciate advice. The problem consists of me coordinating housework and homeschooling. I have 2 girls, and one messy husband (although he is trying). One is 18, senior, homeschools herself, dancing, volunteering and studying out of the house the rest of the time. She is always stressed and does not help. The other one is 6, and every morning at 10-11 demands project time, which is great, excerpt ... am not ready. Ill try to type my daily schedule starting in the evening: 1. we live on a farm, so animals are fed around 6, dinner made around 7, my husband comes around 8 and wants to watch a movie. I go to bed around 11. I put one set of laundry to wash, clean after dinner, prep lunch for next day, fill dishwasher and take a shower, speed clean up, and in bed by 11. I get up in the morning the next day around 8 am - I do need more sleep than regular people: feed the animals, put another laundry in, do other chores (garbage, etc) make breakfast, check email, and if I am lucky rad a book for 15 minutes (I am usually not lucky, and I do need time for myself, otherwise I seem to fall apart if I don't get it daily. By the time breakfast is finished it is 10.30, I have to empty a dishwasher, a pile of dishes to put in the dishwasher, the beds are not made yet, the sinks and toilet needs washing. I look around my house in horror, and slowly slip into depression. But the time that is done, it will be 1230. Then there is other things every day that better be done soon: garden work, bill paying, fixing something, vacuuming, grocery shopping. I am a bit perfectionist and it is extremely hard for me to homeschool when the house is messy. Homeschooling my daughter is the most important job for me, but because I see all the other housework pile up I am close to a breakdown, and when mama is not happy.... nobody is. I thoroughly clean the house on Fridays, but there is always a lot to do. I want to try my best, but need advice. I just looked at could of homeschooling moms daily schedule and I attached it below, and I am wondering when do they/ when do you do house work? Thank you !!!
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