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  1. Thanks to everyone for the additional input. I like sweet2ndchance's ideas too. What I did while I was absent from the board was ask DD7 what questions she had about math; I sat down and basically made that question to her, the lesson. She then asked me, more or less, to explain what it felt like I had already said 100 times, except this time, because it was her question, she paid attention! I also enlisted her help in writing some of her own math problems (of the type we are working on, but with her choice of numbers) throughout the week. The week ended very well. I am sure my trick
  2. Guys, this has been enormously helpful. Thank you. I'm still really hoping to get homeschooling right, but it does sound like some teachers are able to offer solutions that would seem too difficult for me to offer on a 1 to 20 basis.
  3. This might be better for the Afterschool board, but I am not (yet) an afterschooler. One of the complaints parents have about pubic schooling is that it comes with so much homework. That's one reason some parents choose to homeschool; if they are going to teach, they'd rather do it at 9:00 AM then while they're rushing to make dinner (or after). We're having a homeschool "moment" -- a long moment in which it seems as though homeschooling is not going that well. As I turn to the possibility of public schooling, I am wondering if I am turning to a solution or simply to a new set of di
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