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  1. Thank you Patty Joanna, especially for the grammar tip. I appreciate your honesty about the feasibility of this project and have already been thinking about ways to reduce the number of groups. Typically, my classes are not this challenging, which is why I'm scrambling a bit. Also, since we're a small school, pre-K to 8, with one teacher per grade level- we're mostly self-contained. This means I can use other curricular areas (math and history) to build in more reading/writing/grammar development.
  2. May I say that I'm truly blown away and grateful for all the energy and help I've received thus far. I look forward to sharing all the links and ideas with my colleagues- they too are scrambling to meet the needs of a quickly changing ps population.
  3. The ELLs are not serviced by the IEP team/SLP at our school unless they also present with learning/speech disabilities. The only extra help they receive is a 30 minute pull-out 4xs a week by the ELD teacher. Otherwise it's complete immersion here.
  4. PeterPan, thank you for the valuable input. One other point about my class- all the students are ELLs (save one). Those at the lower WWE levels also happen to be at the very beginning stages of acquiring English. Additionally, they are not literate in their native language. These extra wrinkles are what attracted me to WWE's design. The oral language component seemed perfect, though I was thinking that I'd have to replace the stories with something at a lower reading/vocabulary level.
  5. Thank you Patty Joanna for the evaluation guides. I printed the corresponding pages from The Complete Writer, but it's nice to have a digital collection in one spot. For grammar, I suppose my question was does the WWE/WWS curriculum contain enough built in grammar to essentially replace the stand alone programs (FLL, etc.)?
  6. Thank you SJ- I’ll take all the luck I can get. 😂. I’m heading to the links pronto. Your response and tips are much appreciated.
  7. Thank you Jean and PeterPan for the input. I will follow the link.
  8. Hello All, I'm a public school teacher - 7th grade- and considering using the Writing with Ease and Writing with Skill programs in my classroom. I have 20 students with reading/writing skills ranging from 1st to 8th grade. My language arts period is 75 minutes long. I will have at least 5 ability groups that will need different levels of instruction. I do not have a classroom aide. First question- is it even possible to use these programs under these conditions? If so, which is the most effective approach- focus on the Writing Program or the Grammar Program?
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