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  1. Peter Pan thank you so much for responding. I'm afraid I have no experience with what you are speaking of. Psych testing? For college admissions? I'm going to look up the RISE and complete that. This girl has so many health issues I can't keep up. She was officially diagnosed by the vision therapist with a number of things. Other than that I had just done a screening on the Barton website. I'm worried about getting this girl into college, so if you have the time to indulge me some more, I'd appreciate it.
  2. I have finally come to some realizations about my 16 year old daughter. For a year she has been doing vision therapy and also dyslexia tutoring through the Barton System. This week she tells me she thinks we should stop the dyslexia tutoring because it is not helping her and she is only sorry that it took her this long to figure that out. She has been homeschooled her whole life but this year she is attending a school for 4 classes. She is in level 6 now. I don't want to stop and forfeit the good that may come to her but she is not a complainer and so I tend to listen to her opinion when she gives it. The tutor says it may be true that the rules they teach are useless to her thus far because the words have been simpler, but that they will increase as time goes on. I'm hard pressed to find any information about the system for teenagers. Does anyone have any experience or input? I'm a single parent homeschooling so the financial burden is significant for me. But I absolutely want to do it if it will be valuable to her. She is also feeling overscheduled. I just cannot seem to make this decision on my own. Appreciate any input anyone has.
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