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  1. It's 50 pgs long bc each course has one pg for the course description (description of course, info covered, books/resources used, grading description). If you're familiar with Lee Binz and how she did course descriptions for her sons, we'll, that's what I did. DDs transcript itself is only 1 pg (1 by year 1 by subject)
  2. Ok I just found some info (even though it's a bit dated). I may need to upload in portions if my files are too large. I guess I'll figure that out when we get there. Any other tips/wisdom you'd like to share would be welcomed! 🙂
  3. Haven't started common app yet so no clue what it looks like, but wondering how homeschool records (transcript, course descriptions, reading list, activities,etc= 50+ pgs) are typically incorporated into the common app. Will it be included as attachments/scanned docs? Thank you!
  4. A Christian I know seems to detest the poem "Footprints in the Sand." I've heard this person mention it many times over the years and has also said to a group of us, "If you have that hanging in your house and invite me over, you better take it down before I get there." I realize it's not scripture directly from the Bible, but I've never heard anyone who disliked it other than this person. This person is well versed in Biblical theology but I'm not convinced their dislike is bc it's not from the Bible. I have a hunch why this person may not like it but no one in our group would dare ask bc of this person's status in the community. Why do you suppose someone would seem to have such disdain for that poem? Perhaps my hunch is wrong and I haven't considered other possibilities. Thank you for sharing your opinion. 🙂
  5. When completing these online applications, do you have to complete the whole thing in one sitting or can you complete sections at a time, save, and come back? Thank you in advance for your response! 🙂
  6. I am disgusted by this whole scandal (and also a little sad that another main character will be written off of WCTH). My homeschooler worked very hard through high school--took the SAT once and got a legitimate score of 1560. I am so proud of her hard work, faithfulness and honesty.
  7. The author is a Christian and a Creationist (as am I). There are 3 chapters in the book discussing evolution versus Creation. (you can view the course sequence on his website as well as other sample pages). If that is offensive to you, you may want to skip those chapters, but it is fascinating information so I would recommend reading it. It is a terrific, quality Biology text and I highly recommend it. Lots of detail, technical, very organized book. Good luck with your decision! :-)
  8. Another poster mentioned Science Shepherd Biology and I wanted to chime in-- We used SS and my DD loved it! It was quite text-booky in my opinion and I was afraid it would be a little dry for her. But she loved how it was organized so well and it had a lot of review questions. I think it is a fabulous college prep course...DD took the biology CLEP afterwards and received an almost perfect score. I understand that there is a video option now. I highly recommend it. Our DD completed Physical Sci/Bio/Chem/Physics before senior year and had an interest in Nutrition so she studied Nutritional Science and used a very biology-based college textbook. Worked out great for her! :-) p.s. I would 2nd the recommendation of biology in jr year rather than senior bc that last year just gets too busy.
  9. We didn't use College Prep Genius or any other SAT prep course. FWIW, here are the materials we used that were terrific preparation PWN the SAT Erica Meltzer for Grammar The SAT Black Book CollegeBoard practice tests
  10. Thank you all for your input. I've decided to simply include it with her Life Skills/Career type course. :-)
  11. My HSer just graduated and I'm wondering how to put something on her transcript (course title, credit etc) . She worked through Intro to Word and Excel online...the company (Webucator) says takes about 8 hrs each to go through (I didn't record the actual hrs). She also went to DH's "take your kid to work day" where she spent the whole day doing tech-related stuff (hour of code, attending seminars, programming a circuit board, web development etc.). She's used excel for recordkeeping for scheduling, income and taxes for a business she had, she used MS Word for various creative projects, etc. I'd like to give her 1/2 a credit, but this doesn't add up to 60 carnegie units--even if I add in the previous year's "bring your kid to work day." Perhaps she has about 40 hrs total. I'm wondering if I should have her do something this summer to add to it, but I don't want to take away from the fact that she's graduated, kwim?! She is going with DH to the Bring your kid to work day" one last time this summer. Would you add that in even though she's officially graduated? What bothers me about that is the dates....graduated in June, still working on stuff in August towards that course, kwim? I'm also wondering whether I could count all computer related stuff over the entire 4 yrs of high school. That would likely give her 1/2 credit. But I'm not going to put 1/8 credit on her transcript for each year. I would just compile it and put it in her senior year. And what title would you give to this course? Computer Applications? Computer Programming? I don't think Computer Science fits. Thank you for any advice you can give me.
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