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  1. Thanks all for the advice. I think the Apologia Adv Biology probably isn't the best idea. I'll ask him about Marine Biology, but after looking at the TOC, it seems like a lot of repeat of what we are just finishing. I also found PAC has a Chemistry course that isn't as focused on the math side of things as the science side of it, and still counts as 1 credit. We have a homeschool book store in the area that has lots of used curriculum. I'm going to head over their next week to try to look at things in person and compare. Thanks!! It was a big help.
  2. I'm working with my youngest son (15) on planning his next year's science course. We're nearly done with the Apologia Biology, and plan to start the next science right after (probably before end of spring). We school year round because we have to take off throughout the year for various hockey travel and robotics competitions, plus it's just too darn hot in the summer to do much else sometimes 🙂 . I know traditionally, they suggest Chemistry next. He does not want to take chemistry at all. He's not done with Alg 1 yet, but should be or pretty close by the time we finish Bio.... but he's not a fan of math (although better at it than he cares to admit). Chemistry would probably just frustrate him to no end. He has no intention of being any sort of science major...he's made that quite clear. (Usually followed up with a "sorry mom...I know you were a Bio major." haha). He wants to go more towards History/Education for a future career path. That's what interests him, and anything hockey related. Back to the science planning though....he's more interested in taking the Apologia Adv. Bio (Human Anatomy) course, than a Physical Science class (which we hadn't done in middle or high school...just General Science and then regular Bio). My question though is how much chemistry is truly involved in the Apologia Adv Bio course? I know it will come up here and there. But are a lot of elements in which not having taken a Chemistry year will make it impossible or difficult for him? Or is it enough that he could supplement and make up for it...if a concept comes up he isn't familiar with, we stop to look it up and learn it. My son is pretty smart (if he applies himself), and could easily pick up a concept even if he just has to side-step here and there to do so throughout the course. And with my science background, I know we could easily do that....I just don't know how MUCH we'd have to do that with this course. If you or your child has first-hand experience with that particular course with Apologia, can you let me know how heavy the chemistry was in it? Would it be a big struggle or is it just in certain concepts? Looking at the Table of Contents and samples, it's hard for me to tell. I haven't gone to the resale shop to look over the book yet, but that' might be my next step too. I'd much rather find a course he's INTERESTED IN, than force him to do something he has no desire or interest in and then we just struggle or fight over it all year long. Thanks!
  3. We are finishing up Abeka World History & Cultures. I'm now shopping for US History. I have two boys (going into 11th). My dilemma is my student personalities. One is slower with his work...takes him all day (and he's not even gotten to the tough stuff yet!)....he's easily distracted. The other is very quick with his work, but basically does the bare minimum. He gets good grades though on exams and such, but won't put anything extra in. He just wants to get done and get to his other interests (which primarily are video games or sports). Neither of them are very good or WILLING to work on curriculum that has more "critical thinking" involved. Like Notgrass. We tried it for World History...didn't work for us because of the critical thinking structure and focus, so switched to Abeka. When I've tried those types of curriculum heavy on critical thinking questions, we tried them together as discussion type, all I get from my boys are the "bare minimum" answers, or blank stares. It's so frustrating. What are some of your favorite US History curriculum and why? I'm trying to find something that has structured deliverables (ie- questions to answer...preferably not dominated by critical thinking questions.) I know someday in college, it will come up again for them, but right now, they don't believe me or just don't try. I'd rather at least get a good curriculum that they will at least enjoy (mostly), without the battle. It does me know good to fight with them over it, and certainly won't do them any good. I may still end up with Abeka for US History again, but I wanted to see what some other good options might be. I came across Dave Raymond's American History, but that looks like it may be a more "critical thinking" type curriculum. Suggestions??
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