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  1. Thanks so much for your overview of level 3. I was leaning toward going with 3 since I have 2 more in line to use them and reading your overview I think Ill go with that and give her a chance to get used to being challenged and make sure we are solid on those concepts before moving on. Thanks everyone for your help!
  2. Yes! thanks for the example. I totally agree with you that the thought process is more important. I think Ive missed that with my check the box mentality. I don't naturally think thru math like that but she does and I think Ive stifled that a bit with saxon. For example at 6 yr old, 8x5 to her was 8x10= 80 and half of that is 40. To me that seems like a really long process and memorizing is easier to me but I'm realizing I'm wrong. Thanks for helping me think thru this. I'm excited to try out BA. I'd love your input too about placement that I posted above.
  3. Some blogs and reviews Im looking at are recommending starting BA at 3a (regardless of assessment) bc its a challenging book and builds a foundation for the different type of math. Would you agree? I know they have assessments and we've done them. I just don't want to start in the 4s and have her be struggling or start with 3 and have her annoyed at it being easy. I think all of the BA would technically be a review but it looks like such a different and deeper way of thinking thru it that I think it might be what she needs before we move on to higher levels
  4. I'm noticing that there is a lot more overlap of concepts in the samples and assessments for BA than I am used to seeing with saxon. When I picture mastery I picture Saxons lesson and practice set (all problems of the new concepts) and none of their problem set (30 questions that are straight forward past concepts like adding fractions, subtract a 4 digit number etc) There are quite a few topics that aren't taught (in the math Ive used) using the other past concepts but now Im wondering if thats just a part of saxon bc the review is covered in the problem set? An example is she has learned finding the area of a triangle but hasn't used it with summer break so when she did a BA assessment problem asking that she couldn't remember. Thanks for your questions! Everyones prompting is really helping me think what would work best for us and why. What math curriculum has worked for you?
  5. I really haven't researched other maths bc I was set on sticking with what I knew so please excuse my ignorance. It seem like peoples assessment is spiral takes a long time to finish teaching a concept but mastery doesn't review often enough for the child to remember? Where does BA fit in there? From what I'm reading it does look promising. When I look at a saxon book I don't think the review in each problem set is the problem, its the fact that the next book will reteach a lot of what was already taught. Does that make sense? So I think I'm looking for something that will teach the topic in depth but still review for a little every day what was taught throughout the year. Also BA looks like younger and then they go to AOPS? I haven't heard of many doing singapore into high school. Most I've run into do it to start with MFW then switch to saxon so Im not sure if thats a direction I want to head but Im kinda clueless so any input is valued greatly!
  6. We've homeschooled our 10 Year old Daughter (Oct birthday) from the beginning and she's always been smart but now Im wondering if I've been missing something and she's more than your average smart. We've done saxon from the start bc I was homeschooled and I knew it was a solid program. She did great K-2. 3rd was more of the same stuff and she had her facts down so half way thru the year we started 4/5. When we started 6/5 it was driving her crazy that there wasn't anything new so we skipped the first 30ish lessons and even though she kept complaining that it wasn't new I kept at it. Now I'm looking at them and most of 7/6 and 8/7 is review. There are a few topics (multiplying and dividing negatives etc) I know she doesn't have down solid enough to move to pre-alg so the past few weeks we've been covering them topic based with khan and flipping thru saxon lessons and she is loving it! Any ideas of what to do with this kid? :) Do I keep covering topics with what I have to get her ready and go into Alg 1/2 or will the slow intro of topics with saxon keep being torture? Is there a better curriculum for her? I like the review of saxon and I don't think she'd mind some daily problems to work thru of past topics but she needs a daily light bulb moment in math. She loves thinking thru deep problems. Or maybe theres a fun supplement I could add in to give her that ah-ha every day?
  7. Thanks everyone! I’m going to be writing a list and hoping I find lots of these at my half price book outlet. I really appreciate hearing your stories of what were favorites for you guys.
  8. Awesome! Thanks for taking time to share your favorites. I really appreciate it!
  9. Hello, I’ve gleaned the info I’ve needed from the forum for years but never posted. I can’t find what I need now because the search isn’t working well with the switch to new system. Anyway, I’m a military mom without a great library system here ? I’m starting SOTW 1 next year and want to buy the best books we need. The activity guide has so many which was great when I did it with a library but now I need to whittle it down. I have 6, 9, and 11 yr old. The 11 yr old reads great but tends to stick with fantasy so I need some really great books to convince her there are other books worth reading. I’m interested in reccomendations for my other 2 also. Thanks!
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