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  1. Non-fiction vs fiction vs opinion pieces...what ages do you introduce these different ways of writing? And is there a program you love that covers all the bases?
  2. Has anyone done math competitions for their younger elementary aged child? My son is 8, and doing math at a 6th grade level. I am curious as to the time commitment and the environment. I think my son would enjoy the challenge, but hesitate to jump into something that might hinder his love for learning. Would appreciate any insight you might have.
  3. Language arts is the hardest decision! It's our first year homeschooling my 2nd grader. He's reading at 6th grade level but hasn't had much grammar in ps, and resists writing. We plan to combine MCT and BraveWriter. Any tips for this? Do you recommend the optional MCT level 4, literature program? Would it be appropriate to start now? Thanks!
  4. OP here. Thanks so much for this feedback! I was leaning towards Singapore Math based on the recommendations of a math teacher, but it sounds like there may be better options for us out there. I need little to no prep, some online work (at my son's request) and common core. Engage NY was another site my friend recommended, but I am overwhelmed by it (looks like a lot of work). I'll look at Khan. My son is a pretty engaged, quick learner. We're pulling him out of school because he's testing 3-4 grades ahead, and needs more challenge and to move at his own pace. There are still lots of basic math concepts that he hasn't been introduced to. Anything else that jumps out at you as a possibility for us?
  5. Help! I'm new to homeschool and am putting together our own curricula and skipping the online packaged school. Can you help me evaluate my plan for 2nd grade math (fast learner, type A kid, very focused and driven). I need zero prep work, and we want Common Core so we can roll back into school if this doesn't work out. Singapore Math as our spine. supplement with Everyday Math (Common core). Plus an online program for when I need to keep him busy. We’ve narrowed that down to MobyMax or GreatMinds with Zearn. We will be doing the MAP tests twice a year to make sure we’re on target. Is 30-60 minutes/day enough? Any other suggestions for online programs are very welcome, I think my son would prefer to do most of his learning online, and I don't have time to prep. THANK YOU!
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