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  1. Thanks for the links! That is exactly what i'm looking for :) I do have some of these books. Hopefully somebody has a more updated version?? Also any hints or tips you can give me with taking this approach will be much appreciated!
  2. I don't use Sonlight anymore but I have a lot of the books. I was hoping to find a list that is broken up in sections for each grammar, logic, and rhetoric stage for each of the cycles (ancients, medieval/early renaissance, late renaissance/early modern, modern). I am using SOTW as a spine so what I wanted to do was choose from list. Has anyone ever done this?
  3. Hi does anyone happen to have a booklist using Sonlight books aligned with Story of the World vol. 1? This will be my first year using SOTW and i have a lot of books from sonlight. I do have the activity guide so i see some of the book suggestions in there. Just hoping some of the veteran users have made or come across some booklists specifically using sonlight books.
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