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  1. Thank you everyone! Great suggestions. I definitely think I will have to supplement with some of these. I never thought about the letter trays and cards. I think my kiddo would really benefit from that.
  2. I'm starting Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons next week. I'm wondering for those that are using it are you supplementing it with anything? Bob books, Nora Gaydos books?
  3. Hi, my kindergartener is struggling with phonics and blending so we are starting 100EL next week. Did you use any other sources with 100EL? Bob books or Nora Gaydos books? Anything?
  4. I will look into that! Thank you! I wonder if they have a Kindle version? I wish they had an immersion school closer to us but ours is over an hour away :(
  5. Thank you everyone! You guys have helped calm my panic :) I know the school he will be attending doesn't do much with geography, history or foreign languages so I want to afterschool in those subjects once he starts Kindergarten. In the mean time he has not mastered phonemic awareness yet and I didn't even think about it so I think we will focus on that. Are there phonics activities you guys would recommend or specific board games? I will look at TRL too thank you!
  6. Hi! I was just curious as to what your child knew before Kindergarten? Could they read? Complete simple addition and subtraction problems? I went to Parents night the other day at the charter school where my son will be starting Kindergarten in August and they are a lot more academically inclined than the preschool he is currently attending. According to his preschool teachers children are only required to recognize 20 letters and be able to count to 20 before going to Kindergarten in my state but the school he will be attending seems like they will be quickly progressing through math and reading and I do not want him behind right off the bat! Currently he knows his alphabet and can count to 20 and can recognize his name and most letters but that is it. I feel like I should be doing more for him especially as he as asked me to teach him to read and he is trying to do simple math problems on his own. He is also very creative and wants to create a robot ( working one - not happy just drawing one) and he loves science experiments, and learning about our world ( geography, volcanoes ) etc. I feel like I should encourage this since he is so interested but I have no idea where to start! So I guess I really have three questions...what SHOULD he know before Kindergarten?? and do you have any ideas on curriculums or activities to help him start to read, start simple math problems, science activities, how to start teaching geography, etc??? Or should I not attempt to encourage more independent learning so he isn't ahead when he starts Kindergarten? ( this seems completely wrong to me to not encourage learning but I was one that was always ahead in school and would just read while everyone else did their assigned work) Note: He is super creative. Loves hands on activities but not so much into worksheets or flash cards. Any help would be appreciated!
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