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  1. Does anyone know of a study guide to King Lear that is online somewhere? I know of Sparknotes and Cliffnotes, but I was after something more meaty, with a Christian worldview if possible.
  2. Thanks you Regentrude. But one question remains: why didn't they cross into West Germany at this huge border? Was there another wall along east and west Germany as well as the iconic 'Berlin Wall'? If so it must have been enormous! I can't see how they could have kept people out.
  3. Berlin Wall experts: was it west Berlin that was surrounded by a wall? The wikipedia map seems to show this, and we just watched a youtube video about it. But I thought the west Berliners were free, and not the east Berliners. How could West Berlin be free if they were trapped inside a wall? Can someone please put this whole thing into simple terms for me! Thanks! 😀
  4. We're reading Adela Cathcart by George Macdonald. While I thought it might be a nice Christmas read, I think it might be too deep for him. Any suggestions for "funny" Christmas books that are also "classical?" He went thru a wonderful reading stage a few years ago and that all stopped when he was about 13 :huh:
  5. I'd like to address this to experienced homeschoolers of teens and teachers only please: My teen has always enjoyed being read aloud to, and he still requests that I read aloud to him at 16, and it's something we both enjoy :laugh: . I try to challenge him a little with harder books, but not too hard for his age group. But when I ask him to narrate back what he has understood, he'll just give me one sentence, at best, then I have to prompt and prompt to get anything more out of him. I've been narrating to him what it's about after each chapter, and he usually says: 'oh! I didn't realise it was about that!' I might add that there's nothing wrong with him brain-wise, according to tests etc. So do I just keep reading and then narrating it to him? Or try something else?
  6. Yes, we have done Dave Raymond's History and really enjoyed it.
  7. I'm looking for a history curriculum that is similar to Veritas Press history but for seniors. So, something engaging with DVDs etc, but that is rigorous enough for this level, though my kids are average learners. I'm not after The Great Courses or "just lectures" but something similar to the 101 Series for science, but with history. Is there anything new out there?
  8. Can anyone help with this? It’s a subjunctive, but I don’t know whether it is be or were. Does anyone know, and can you back it up with a logical explanation? With their fears somewhat relieved, she began, at length, to ask them if she might rest there, though their cottage be small. With their fears somewhat relieved, she began, at length, to ask them if she might rest there, though their cottage were small. TIA
  9. My question is this: is the Wheel of Fortune (I think it was in Book I?), the same thing that is described in Book IV, about the concentric rings, with God in the middle, and everything further out getting more random in nature? TIA
  10. We loved those two books. Dry? I'd be interested in hearing about what you might class as 'non dry'? What we loved were Dr Wile's conversational style and his 'rants' on various topics, whether we agreed or not.
  11. We are reading the Taming of the Shrew in our homeschool, the frame story at the beginning rings a bell. A sleeping beggar is taken to a lord's house as a prank/experiment, told he is lord when he awakes and waited upon by servants, then when he falls asleep again, he is returned to his original place, and he wakes thinking it was a dream that he had become a lord. Where have I heard this story before? We've read a lot of classics and philosophy, and I seem to recall it's an allegory from an ancient philosopher. Can anyone help? TIA
  12. Huckleberry Finn is on our reading list and the book I ordered came with such fine print I can barely read it. So I will have to get another copy, and I noticed there is an Usborne abridged version. Has anyone read this one? I would love to hear your review. Thank you
  13. Only I have my teen's facebook page password, but when I allow him time on there, he has a few friends who PM him using vulgar language and pics. I can ban those friends from both his friend list AND the PM option, but my teen can just add them again once I go to the bathroom or go out to check the mailbox. Is there no app or anything for me to put the settings on his facebook page with a password, so that he needs a password before he can accept PMs from a friend etc? Thank you
  14. My son has a Mac laptop, but the Parental Controls don't have as many options as the Windows one when it comes to time slots. I can only adjust the amount of time allowed per day, but I'm after a program that allows a weekly allowance of play time on the laptop within certain times, ie 2-3pm and 6-7pm etc. Is there such a thing? Netnanny and K9 didn't work for us. Anything else? Even better if I can alter time slots remotely, ie from a phone.
  15. Thank you so much: I have decided on this one: Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves , and might also get the audiobook.
  16. I'm looking for a good prose version of The Faerie Queen Book I. We tried this one by Jeanne Lang, but it was twaddle. Is there a beautifully written prose version out there? TIA
  17. If you are a homeschool parent using Omnibus, you are warmly invited to join our Facebook group: Veritas Omnibus Curriculum Homeschool Parents (not sure if the link works, otherwise just search for group name). It is not affiliated with Veritas Press, but an independent group. Hope to see you all there :001_smile:
  18. Thank you. Have you used Scott Sullivan? And if so, what are your thoughts on his curricula?
  19. I'm looking for an engaging Philosophy and Ethics program for a 16 year old: something that is engaging for highschool level, not The Great Courses or university type lectures, but something more along the lines of Dave Raymond's Modernity, or Wes Olsen's Physics 101, or Wes Callihan's series. Does such a thing exist? Thanks
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