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<p>A group to discuss frugal living and cost-cutting. For those who are "Frugal Zealots" and those that are less zealous and anywhere in between.</p>
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  2. HI friends, I'm new and looking for ideas, principles and guidelines on how to be more frugal. Perhaps a better term would be value centered. Before having children (who are now 10, 12, 14) I was more frugal, if I really wanted something I had the discipline to save towards it even if it was a big ticket item. I also enjoyed clipping coupons, shopping sales, yard sales, re-use, etc. Since having children, I sort of live in a twilight zone where I spend so much more and I don't perceive that I have much choice, because I am making decisions that impact my kids that indirectly impact my time. I have noticed that I make more decisions out of convenience. I have placed a high value on this that over time is a higher expense. The big question I have is it possible to be frugal without taking time to think and plan? My best deals were a result of taking time to look and compare. What do you do to keep expenses on point without researching and spending much of your time? Here are websites I go to check on deals www.slickdeals.com - can be dangerous b/c you will end up buying things b/c it is a deal. But if you need something and looking for a good price, decent way to start. www.camelcamelcamel.com - price comparison on many products featured on amazon, I use it mainly for books www.ebay.com - a great place to find used books
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