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<p>This is a place for health anxiety sufferers who need more support than they are finding in real life.  Feel free to vent here; type out your worries for listening ears, without fear!!  Anyone can join, but please try to observe the following rules:</p> <p> </p> <p>- No judgement... even if a fear seems totally irrational or involving what you consider a minor issue</p> <p>- No negative anecdotes [My husband's cousin twice-removed had something like that, didn't get it treated in time, and died]</p> <p>- No "helpful" online diagnosing [it could be x (horrible), y (terrible), or z (you don't even want to know)]</p> <p>- No consulting the Google and reporting back here</p> <p>- Limited recommendations of specific medical tests or remedies, whether OTC or prescription or "natural".  Please recognize that these recommendations may worsen a person's health anxiety.</p> <p> </p> <p>Also -- there is no such thing as TMI (too much information) here.  You can talk about topics you consider embarrassing, gross, anything.  Only group members can see posts.</p>
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