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Classical Writing - Poetry for Beginners

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Classical Writing - Poetry for Beginners

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Poetry for Beginners provides up to two years of poetry instruction, typically studied in fifth and sixth grade. 

The theory of poetry is divided into the study of figures of speech, poetic meter, and stanza forms. In Poetry for Beginners, we cover:

  • Reading and discussing the content of the poem

  • Figures of Speech - end rhyme, onomatopoiea, simile, metaphor, and personification

  • Poetic Meter - how to scan a poem, iambic meter, and trochaic meter

  • Stanza Forms - stanza form identification, couplets (including heroic couplet), triplets (including terza rima and haiku), and quatrains (including ballads and hymns - short, long, and common meter)

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