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  1. Hello!  I am looking ahead at our math studies.  We are loving Saxon Math and I believe we might be able to finish Calculus by 13 or 14 years old.  My question is whether that is wise given the SATs are taken at age 16.  There's a lot of time to forget things in that period.  I might not want to try the SATs early because of the verbal section.





  2. Agreed.  I have some strong beliefs about education.  We have a lot of friends that unschool; I do not think that is a wise idea in most cases.  But, I believe in everyone's right to live happily and make their own decisions and I also believe, well, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.  The rude woman will get what she deserves, it's not a good idea to act in that manner; see how you've reacted, for instance!

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  3. We have been faithfully following Writing With Ease and my 6yo is almost done with the first book.  She has excelled with the book, she has learned to copy very well!  At her best, her handwriting looks phenomenal!  I am also very excited about her ability to recall information from reading.  She regularly remembers and recalls more than me in life; she remembers so many details, words.  It's great!!




    When she writes original content she is not that fabulous.  She is on par with an average or below average 1st grader according to what I can tell by looking at other first graders' work!  This is bothering me SO MUCH!  My intention is to keep my kids at the same academic level (hopefully better) as what they would be experiencing in schools.  NOT OK


    Please share you experiences with the WWE and WWS books.  Does it all come out ok in the end?  Are there cases where it hasn't come out ok? 


    I mean, my daughter is NOT on track to be spitting out a 5 paragraph essay in a year or two like the school kids will probably be doing!?

  4. Hello, thanks for your help in advance!!


    I am just beginning a homeschool journey with my daughters, 6&4.  We love our learning!  But I frequently feel paranoid about their future given this brave choice of homeschooling!


    1.  What field do your children work in and are they enjoying themselves?


    2.  Did you follow WTM strictly?  Did you include other approaches?  Did you feel that the high school years were an enormous amount of work?  Did you work hard to get ahead?


    3.  Are you pleased, looking back, with the experience your kids had, including friendships?


    Any tips, wisdom, perspective you could share with me would be very much appreciated!!

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