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  1. Derek, DS is currently an 8th grader and they didn't really even ask about that, so I can't imagine you'd have an issue enrolling your daughters.  When the first course didn't work out, he just spent time with the German content on DuoLingo... enough to confirm that he still liked it!  Yes, they are intended to be full year courses, although as AEC said, it's very much go at your own pace.  I don't really know answers to your other questions since we're just getting started.


    AEC, we're planning to compact year one a little bit as well, so that he can take AP German senior year if he wants to.  It's good to know that your son is enjoying it!!  If DS gets into it enough and decides to continue, would your son ever be interested in doing a Skype call between the two of them (and other students, if they're interested) to practice speaking? 


  2. DS is at a small private school where they only offer Spanish for a foreign language.  Although that would be the most practical choice, it's not the route he wants to take, so we are outsourcing German.  (Thankfully, the school is willing to give him credit toward graduation for it, as long as it's solid high school level work, and we check a few administrative boxes.)


    We tried a course this fall that did not work out well at all, so I've been looking again.  I ran across the high school German program through Oklahoma State University, and just signed up DS to start this week.  Our plan is to complete German 1 at home this spring and summer, and if it works out, have him take 2-3 more years (with a mentor through school) during high school.


    I see that some of your students have done this.  Anyone still currently using the program? 


    We are going to have him do the optional Skype calls, as I think that speaking out loud is an important piece as he progresses.  I'm not sure how this works though... are they calls one-on-one with an instructor?  Or a group with instructor?  Are there options for students to do additional calls with one another (just as a casual group Skype chat or something)?  I'm just trying to make sure I understand so I can steer him correctly.


    I've read some old threads on this, but would love any updated thoughts anyone has on the program, especially if you've done a full year or more of it.




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  3. Thank you. :) I go through this crazy-making mental loop about what to do instead. I love the private school my other two kids attend/ed, but it's expensive and tuition goes up every year, plus one in college and one more heading to college before long. There is another private school with potential, and it is less expensive, but also smaller and with fewer opportunities (i.e., AP classes, etc.) That church is also a lot more fundamentalist and I'm afraid there will be nutjobs in the midst. (Not a small consideration, as I went to a nut-job Christian school in my childhood.) So okay, public school, maybe. But...ugh. No, I don't like these things about PS, although it is a "good" school in the national-rankings sense. I think the high school is a Blue Ribbon school. But still, philosophically, I have things against the PS. SO! That's how my brain goes around and around and around and then I feel like I'm going to blast off from fury when it seems like DS doesn't have his head in the game.


    The conversation you just had in your brain resembles my entire last year of homeschooling DS (and frankly, several occasions since he returned to private school).  We went so many rounds trying to make a decision.  Honestly, what you describe is a big reason that he went back in 6th grade... I needed him to be accountable to a different teacher because he just wasn't doing it for mom anymore.  Does that mean it's time for you to stop?  Not necessarily, only you know that.  But totally, I think any of us would have responded the same way after giving 183 reminders to remember the backpack.  I think it's super common at that age, even though it drives us bonkers.



    I would have reacted the same way.


    You can stop whenever you want. For real. We'll even let you stay here on the boards.  :o


    This.  I even snuck back in today, and it doesn't look like anyone is going to kick me out...  :leaving:

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  4. Hey, everyone!  I have not been here in quite a while, but I still see lots of familiar names on the boards.  :)


    I homeschooled my DS for a few years and we're now in his 3rd year of private school.  He's in 8th grade and doing really well.  It's mostly a very good fit for him, although we both miss homeschooling to some degree.  I've been a professional "squeaky wheel" to get him courses and opportunities that he needs and most of the time it goes well, they've agreed to a few online courses and have accelerated him where he needs it.


    Anyway, I stayed off the boards for a long time because I was conflicted and somewhat mourning the change of him returning to school, and needed the break to move on.  The other day I needed to look up some reviews for an online course we were thinking about doing, and I thought, what better place to check than the WTM forums?  Then I missed the place so had to start reading and finally decided to say hi.  :wub:


    Hope that all is well with everyone... I may try to stick around a bit on the chat and afterschooling boards... and probably start stalking the high school and college boards.  :scared:




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  5. We only homeschooled for three years, and DS returned to school this past year.  I doubt we'll ever homeschool again.  I did take a break from the boards when he first returned, because I had some conflicting feelings about it, and wanted to immerse myself in our new situation, if that makes sense, without longing for the past.  :)


    But I'm still here too. 


  6. Halcyon...  :grouphug:


    The real world can be a rough place sometimes.  We went to a funeral this weekend for a 38 year old man.  It's not fair, and I'm so sorry about your friend.  :(   Some days you just look around and think, good lord, what next?!?


    Feel the sadness and the anger, but know that they will not stay forever.  As Texasmama said, you will find true north again.

  7. Just to clarify... is the person looking for books that will help reaffirm their faith?  Or books from a non-believing viewpoint to help them let go of belief?  Or perhaps both for a two sided view??


    You might get some very different recommendations depending on the perspective.


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  8. If you read that entire thread it should count as a book.   Extra points if you did it without ripping your hair out and screaming.


    Maybe now you should read something more lighthearted, like Mein Kampf or a book about the plague.


    I'm fairly certain my head exploded toward the end, but I don't recall screaming... out loud anyway. 

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  9. Hello, friends!!


    I didn't end up posting the past couple weeks... I was spending all my time on the Duggar thread...  :leaving:


    Robin, congrats to your son on great accomplishments this year!!  Sounds like he has really matured educationally.  :)


    Kathy, I enjoyed "The Invention of Wings" and I am looking forward to the "Astronaut Wives Club" on TV this summer... I'll have to check out the book!


    Shifting gears from my lineup of cozy mysteries, I am reading Anne Tyler's "Back When We Were Grownups."  I think I've read this before, sounds familiar, but it's been years and I don't remember it all, so it's worth a re-read!


    I also just completed "The God Virus" which was recommended by Kathy on a different thread.  I'm reading a whole variety of books on religious thought... this one was thought provoking and I got a lot out of it, though I don't think it would be for everyone!  ;)



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  10. Okay, well you better be sitting down for this part because you know why the Moscow IBLP center is no longer in use by the Russian Government????


    Take five deep breaths, inhale slowly, exhale slowly....must begin with the lowest blood pressure you can manage.


    Because he was too abusive towards the orphans for even their blood!!!!




    We'll file this under the category of truth being stranger than fiction.  Honestly, you can't make this stuff up.  I think *now* my head has finally exploded.

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  11. In the interest of full disclosure since I am speaking out against this family I will let you all know now that I have gotten a speeding ticket.



    I will resign my position as "Chief Cupcake Inspector," I am not worthy.


    I call dibs on the open Inspector role!!  :D


    Wait, I got a speeding ticket once too... never mind.



    I swear every new article I read, it just goes deeper and deeper, either with revelations or the nutty things people are saying in their defense.  It's possible we've hit rock bottom on the rabbit hole and have now jumped into the Twilight Zone.


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  12. Believe it or not, Ames Iowa hits a fair amount of your criteria.  Iowa State University has great science and engineering programs, it's lower cost of living, and there's a fair amount of tech around the area for a small city.  Iowa has good dual enrollment laws to take classes at both public schools and community college level.  I do know there are some homeschooling families in the area, though I don't know how much of the community is secular vs. faith based.


    The weather in Iowa... the nicest thing I can say about it is that if you don't like today, there's always tomorrow and it will be different!  :D  It's hot in summer, cold in winter, and snow/humidity/storms vary a lot year to year.  But it's pretty and the people are friendly and welcoming.


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  13. I simply cannot read the Ray Comfort quote thing. 


    Can I surmise that he says that Josh did this before accepting Christ as Savior, so it was just to be expected that an unsaved person "sins".  But now he is saved and is a new creature so of that is passed away. And he equated himself in his pre-Christian days to Josh Duggar? Am I close?  


    Is this another of the "not a real Christian" defenses?


    This is pretty much going to be the nail in the coffin for my involvement in Evangelical type of Christianity, I do believe. It has been a long time coming. 


    Comfort's response was fully quoted, but there was more in the article, including the Hovind quote I posted.  It's sickening. 


    And I agree... I moved away, a long time ago, from very conservative Christianity... and I find myself moving further away from any but the more liberal interpretations now.  I realize not everyone will have the same reaction, but I can't in good conscience support most of these viewpoints anymore.  :(






    He might be trying to make that argument but it is a false one.





    Even better.  But you know, maybe he just didn't *really* accept Christ then.  :ack2: :ack2: :ack2:


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  14. And then there's this excuse:


    "Standing by my friend Josh Duggar, as a brother in Christ. This was in his BC days. Such were some of us."


    I mean, what? What? 


    OMG.  :cursing:


    I can't even.  I mean, what do you even say to that? 


    From the same article:



    Creationist Eric Hovind took a similar approach, saying Duggar should be forgiven. His defense of Duggar, however, somehow included evolution:

    If evolution is true, then there is no absolute right and wrong.
    If evolution is true Josh should not have admitted his faults over a decade ago because what one evolved bag of molecules does to another bag of molecules just doesn’t really matter.
    If evolution is true there is no ultimate Judge on the bench who will hold every man, woman, and child responsible for their actions. And if evolution is true you will not give an account for every idle word you speak.


    :banghead:   :banghead:   :banghead:


    Somehow I'm sick to my stomach again at the "defenses" being offered.

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