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  1. I am looking for a general list of topics/skills needed for writing in High School. Something like, "In 9th they need to be able to write a friendly letter, compare and contrast, paper, persuasion, .... and be able to tell (fill in the blank) in a story/ novel." or even just a check list of all skills needed for writing in the 4 yrs of HS. I had a few of Kathyrn Stout's books for elementary and they were very useful. Anything out there for High School?

  2. Okay...embarrassing moment here...but I found myself. When I logged in it put another of my email addresses in and had me reregister (thought it was odd at the time, but like I said it has been awhile). Looked up old stuff I had saved and found the email my account is under. It's all there. The laurelmarie account can go, I'm Down_the_Rabbit_Hole.

  3. Okay...embarrassing moment here...but I found myself. When I logged in it put another of my email addresses in and had me reregister (thought it was odd at the time, but like I said it has been awhile). Looked up old stuff I had saved and found the email my account is under. It's all there. The laurelmarie account can go, I'm Down_the_Rabbit_Hole.

  4. We lived in Idaho Falls back in 2006, but I haven't been there since. It's super cold in the winter, and the wind factor can be brutal. But it's gorgeous in the summer. Lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation if you're into that sort of thing. When we were there, there were quite a few options for shopping and dining. I would just google some of the things that are important to you and see if they have them. It can only have gotten better since we were there. Definitely had everything we needed.


    You can get a lot of house--and land--for your money, especially if you look in nearby places like Rigby (super close).


    I think the closest big city is Salt Lake, and that is about three hours away. There is a university in nearby Rexburg (BYU-Idaho). We like to have universities around for the cultural factor. I actually went to BYU (in Utah), but I don't know much about the culture at BYU-I.


    Southeast Idaho is predominantly Mormon, if that matters to you.


    We liked it in Idaho Falls. We weren't there long because of some family circumstances, but we liked it. Where do you live now?


    Thanks for this info...very helpful. Right now we live in Iowa, but up until 3 years ago (our Iowa move) we lived in Louisiana all our lives. The cold does not scare me and have enjoyed the snow...actually looking for a place with more snow and less heat in summer. We love outdoor activities so the news about outdoor activities is encouraging.


    Housing is important though. When we moved to Iowa I was shocked at the housing or lack of it. Rentals are mostly geared to college students and the quality of the houses that are available for rent or purchase has been extremely hard to deal with.


    An area with a more conservative air is a plus. Where we live in Iowa it is NOT conservative and it has added a negative feel to our stay here.


    Thanks again...


  5. Those "fields of food" wouldn't be nearly enough to wipe out hunger across the planet.  I don't think you realize just how bad the lack of fresh water and global hunger really are.  According to worldhunger.org, there are 870 million people in the world who are chronically undernourished.  Harvesting a few more fields isn't going to make a dent in that.  And 780 million people in the world don't have access to clean water.  It's horrible, but there just isn't enough to go around.  And I honestly don't know what to do about it.


    (Though making it illegal for US companies to go to undeveloped countries and suck up an entire village's water supply to make soda, or eating less meat so other countries will use arable land for growing food instead of raising cattle to ship to the US, would be a good start.  :glare: )



    So why bother if there will be no dent in the problem? Why should we even try, according to you it will be a waste. I say even if one family is kept from starving then it makes a difference.


    My proposal was not meant to be the one and only "golden answer". It is meant to be one of many things we can do to help the masses of starving.



    Also I am about to vomit from all the evil west talk being thrown about here. Yes there are SOME from the west who hurt but newsflash there are SOME from other countries that are doing worse. Go cry a river elsewhere about the "rich, wasteful americans and how they have hurt the global masses. I would love it if America would just pull back and not lift anymore fingers to to help thiose who will take as they spit curses at us. Next up will be how the whites and the republicans are the cause for world hunger. To all you who have a problem with the evil west, get a grip. I am  an American white. I am republican. I am a Christian...the big three strikes....guess because I was able to feed my children a nurishing meal plus a cookie as we sat out on our green lawn enjoying the cool weather, many families will starve. How bad of me.

  6. And the first step in making sure that those resources are distributed evenly enough for everyone to survive the exploding population is for us to start shipping large parts of our surplus water and food to other parts of the world.  Somehow, though, I doubt people in developed countries are going to want to have to make due with less.  So we'll all just shut our eyes and plug our ears and hum, while we continue to deny the existence of overpopulation and a lack of world resources, and yell that we'll have all the babies we want and water our lawns as much as we want, thank you very much.


    I am not saying make those who have live on less....I am saying take the extra, the part that is going to waste and distribute it. There are fields of food going to waste because of government involvement. If those fields were harvested and the food sent to those in need then who will feel the "less" you speak of.

  7. Well, in the last 14 years, the global population has increased by 1 billion people. Every 4.5 days there are a million more of us on the planet. At *some* point there will be too many of us ... I think the question is HOW will the correction take place.

    You were quick to point out the increase but what about the deaths? How many per year die due to old age, sickness, murder, disaster, war, and genocide?


    The 'too many people on the earth' argument leads to governments who start playing god: saying certain people can have children, others cannot, how many you can have, what gender, DNA screening, gender control,  even a cap on age, blah, blah, blah..... Listen to the medical chatter now, it is all being discussed. Just recently I witnessed age discrimination and denying of healthcare because a person was "too old" in the eyes of the medical profession and insurances to merit any help. This happened 10 years ago when the same person went in for medical care, and 5 years before that.


    Instead of looking at the number of people look at the resources and how best to distribute them globally...THAT is how it will be taken care of.

  8. Sigh.


    "overpopulation" isn't about square footage and people. It's about the usage and resources of the entire earth and the quality of life that is predictive based on those resources.


    Not understanding the sigh...

    If you read my post that is what I said. There is enough resources on this Earth, the misuse and political mess to spread the resources are the problems.

  9. I don't believe in global overpopulation. Specific area overpopulation, yes. Some areas can sustain it's population where as others cannot due to resources or political mess. On a global level, there are enough resources to sustain life, it is a matter of finding ways to spread the resources to a global population that seems to be the problem.


    Saying that an area in Africa(or where ever) is overpopulated and the people are starving there should be the deciding factor of someone in a country/area with enough to have a child is just ridiculous. 

  10. Are you drinking enough water? It sounds simple, but if you've added exercise without adding more water, you could just be dehydrated. When I'm dehydrated I actually get a little dizzy BEFORE I get headaches or feel parched.


    I have actually increased my water intake in the last few weeks. I just got a Fitbit and it has a place to record water intake...I have been trying to fill the virtual glass, so more water for me.

  11. Those are pretty normal numbers, so unless something changes a lot I wouldn't worry about BP.  Plus it's possible to have low BP and feel just fine.  It's not considered worrisome unless you have symptoms.  My BP used to regularly stay in the 90's/50's range and I felt fine.  My point being that even if your BP reads low, it may not be wise to automatically assume that's the cause of your feeling light headed.


    I think a lot of things can cause it, some serious and some very minor.  I have a friend who was having some slight vertigo and it turned out to be because she had some wax build-up in her ears.

    Hmmm...wax build up could be a cause. I also have been using ear buds within the last few months, maybe it compacted the wax. Interesting.

  12. I think you should request an MRI when you see the doctor. It's probably not going to show anything bad, but I think it's still best to rule out anything dangerous, just to be safe.


    One question, though -- are you on any medications? Some meds can cause the symptoms you've described.


    No meds.

    I'll mention the MRI.

  13. I have tried eating several small meals today (some were salty, crackers and chicken soup) but I still have a light fuzzy tingling in my head. Not bad like a single episode but non-stop. Dr. Apt is set for the 21st, we will see. Besides the light headedness I feel perfectly healthy, so this is frustrating.


    I will continue to take my BP over the next week to see if any changes happen, also to have info for the Dr.


    thanks for the ideas ladies.

  14. Young Frankenstein has a moderate "adult situations" and a lot of sexual humor, just so you know.  What about Super8?  It has comedy, drama, alien monsters, allusions to Steven Spielberg, what's not to like?  Otherwise, I would go for a classic. 


    Super 8 is a great choice. I don't think there is anything offensive in it. With a group of kids you might have some who are not allowed anything with ghosts or other "evil" things.

  15. With in the last 2 months I have had light headed episodes, they are enough that others have noticed. In August (right before these started) I had blood work done and my blood sugar was in the middle of the normal range and blood pressure was extremely good. The only thing I have done different since then is I walk for an hour each evening (to get 10,000-12,000 steps). Food intake amount is the same maybe a little more with the increase of exercise. I have changed my diet somewhat, making healthier choices ...if hungry I will grab a banana or apple instead of a fruit bar, cookie or cheese crackers, skim milk in coffee instead of cream, no whip on desserts, that sort of thing). Another thing is I have not had a cycle since late August. I am pre menopausal. I did take a PG test just to rule it out and it was negative.


    Any ideas?

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