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What is your favorite homeschool catalog?


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I'm so out of the loop here. I'm sure there are some great catalogs out there that I'm unaware of. I already know of:


Rainbow Resource






Who else puts out a really good print catalog that you love?

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Greenleaf used to have an amazing catalog but is now just online. They have informative emails you can sign up for that tell you about new books, etc. (specialty history)


Bethlehem books has a catalog and website.


Lost Classics is only online I think.


Nature'sWorkshopPlus has a great, full color catalog with interesting things. You can even order Nature Friend magazine through them. My dd LOVES Nature Friend, highly recommend.


Peacehill Press has a catalog. :)


The Quines of Cornerstone Curriculum don't have a catalog, but they have an informative website.


Since you have older kids, you'll want catalogs from The Teaching Company and places offering online and dvd courses. (check the high school boards)

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Other than the catalogs you listed, we also have liked:


Tobin's Lab = http://www.tobinslab.com

(for unusual science kits and items)


Sing N Learn = http://www.singnlearn.org

(for huge variety of audio learning resources)


Historical Folk Toys = http://www.historicalfolktoys.com

(for old fashioned toys and other historical items)


Critical Thinking Press = http://www.criticalthinking.com

(for a variety of critical thinking resources)


Hewitt Homeschooling Resources = http://www.hewitthomeschooling.com

(for their Lightning Lit. programs and syllabus/test options)


The Great Books = http://www.thegreatbooks.com

(for their high school level classic works, study guides, and FREE online resources of audio analysis of various works, curriculum schedule, tests, essay prompts)


The Great Courses = http://www.teach12.com

(for their high school and college level series of courses on CD and DVD)


Edward R Hamilton = http://www.edwardrhamilton.com

(for discounted books -- these are "remainders" -- the last of books from printings sold at a discount to clearance them)

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Rainbow Resource -- sheer volume, selection and information about products interesting. I've been known to "read" it :)

The Teaching Company -- nice to look at, great courses

Peace Hill Press -- nice to look at, quality products and fun to read through

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Beautiful Feet Books has a catalog too. It's online, but you can request a printed version from them as well.


I think Rainbow Resource's catalog is my favorite. I peruse it just for fun. There's so much information on almost all of their items. I like being able to see the sample pages for a lot of things too.

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