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Help! Are Dolciani Algebra texts co-authored by Brown?

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I want to peruse Dolciani Algebra texts recommended here on the boards, so I searched my library's website. I found lots of books with the name Algebra: Structure and Method, but some have the author listed as Dolciani and some as Brown. Publication dates range from 1977 to 2000. Are Dolciani & Brown co-authors of these books?

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I just want to chime in for a sec to let you know that some of the editions are identical. I have an older Algebra 2/trig TE and the newest student book and they are the same. I used the 1990 version in high school and remember it looking very similar, but I cant find the version to verify. I have also found no differences between the 1994 Algebra 1 book and the 2000, other than price, and I have seen the older editions very, very cheap!

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