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Who remembers Fat Wally?

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The horse that used to belong to my son, but that we sold when ds went to college? (Against my very loud protest) To a family whose little girl just HAD to have Wally for her birthday??? Had to have him. (Daddy, I want another poooneeeey) Name that movie.


Anyhow, since I couldn't take him back I placed the ads for Wally. I told them I would do it because I had some great pics of him on my computer, but it was really so I could screen the buyer. I nixed all the cowboys who wanted a nice looking horse to help with their demented egos, and also those who told me they were large persons looking for a big horse.


One lady who sounded good on paper drove three hours one way pulling a trailer to buy Wally. She was going home with him, no question. Wally took one look at her and decided it was not. going. to. happen. Actually, we think it was just her misfortune to wear a loud whipping jacket on a windy day. Wally has never been good with plastic, and this jacket was a close second.


Yesterday Wally picked out a nice family with three children and loaded up into their trailer very happily. (This was big, he is so big that small trailers make him claustrophobic, he fits best in a stock trailer.) So Wally has a new family now, and I'm trying not to think about it!

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