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Another SOTW vol 1-4 question: Anyone have a list of the book suggestions ....


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Does anyone have a typed list of the historical and literature book suggestions in the activity guide?


I've got the AG but need a list of the books suggested. I'm trying to formulate our summer reading list and want to use some of those suggestions, but I have NO time to go through the AGs and type out the book titles and authors. If I had a document, I could easily cut and paste books for our elementary and middle schools' summer reading lists. Three weeks to go, and I'm down to the wire.


Much thanks for any help!

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Hannah's yahoo group????


Not sure but search for her yahoo group link under the recent thread titled timelines...I think she's got one.


If not her, it's someone else, but I know I saw one somewhere.



Is it ok with SWB to post such a list? If so, pm me. I found it...

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Hi Janie,


I notice you're teaching middle school..... I wrote a chronological book list for World History for middle school that I can send you. You'll need to PM me your email address as it's about 20 pages long so I'll need to email you a PDF.

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Yeah, definitly against copyright.


If it is a list of books we enjoyed while reading SOTW, that would be okay, or a list of Ancient history books that is okay, but if it the list from the AG, then it isn't okay.


I think copyright laws give you permission to use 50 words, or is it 100?, either way the list of books from the AG would be 1000s of words to many.

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