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I just took the wimpy way out to compose my 8th grade WWI test.

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I cannot grade another essay test right now. I'm swamped with papers from this past week and have an 8th grade WWI test tomorrow. So, I took the easy way out (maybe) and made a huge matching test. All of the previous tests for this class have basically followed the SOTW tests included in the activity guide which are mostly essay. Two reasons why: First, grading is much easier and quicker. Second, a number of students in the class need a good grade on this test.


So, I'm interested to see how the grades turn out. I want the test to test what we have learned yet be a challenge. It has taken me ALL afternoon to make this thing. 57 questions and 2 extra credits. I even turned the activity guide essay questions into matching! How lazy is that!


But, I showed it to my dh who said if they know even half of it, they know more than he was taught in high school. Same for me.


I still feel like a wimp for preparing an entire test as matching. I'm sure I'll feel differently when I start grading them tomorrow afternoon though.

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Not wimpy. Just sane. And, I know I can write some pretty deep multiple choice tests for calculus. (So can College Board.) I'll bet your students aren't getting off easy.
:iagree: Not wimpy---NEEDED! I'm guessing they won't think it's easy or wimpy either!


You did fine, don't second-guess yourself!:001_smile:

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